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Venice Beach and Steam roller

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Pipee the stone, Nov 24, 2011.

  1. So me and some friends are going down to Venice beach on saturday and we're gonna smoke some. My friends gonna take a steam roller and I havent smoked in like 3 months....Im asking because i want to know, should I be worried that it'll hit me a little to hard? I have also never used a steam roller....
  2. yes, it will hit you hard.
  3. I wouldn't worry about it, just relax and enjoy it.
  4. thanks for the not worried about getting in trouble cus i trust the ppl im going with, i just dnt want to be a buzzkill for them....
  5. You'd only be a buzzkill if you were "tripping out," is it your first time or have you smoked before? If its your first time you can smoke in public, but I personally wouldn't recommend it. I'd say go to someones house where you have privacy so you won't feel paranoid, but if you really want to its up to you, everyone reacts differently.

    If it isn't your first time and you've toked before I don't see what the problem is, steamrollers tend to give off bigger hits, but its still the same plant so the high is the same.
  6. Nah not my first time, but i did cut down drastically since mar h to only 3-4 times a month cus i was concentrating on school, and I havent smoked since september, so Im think my tolerance is Really, really, low...
  7. Your tolerance is really low, so you'll get high easier, and that's a good thing IMO, less weed you have to smoke. Sounds fun to me I wouldn't be worried I'd just enjoy it.
  8. Steamrollers get me the highest of any piece in my personal opinion (but I have yet to try a good vape so don't quote me), but just relax and have fun. If its not one of your first couple times, even without a tolerance you should be able to handle yourself well enough to not be a buzzkill. you'll just have a reallllyyyyyy good time.
  9. its called a steamroller for a reason just relax and enjoy it!
  10. Venice is a sketch to blaze at honestly. To many police patrolling.

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