Venice Beach "420" American Glass shop?

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    Has anyone else been there? God damn, they have some of the nicest glass i've seen, all inside out&thick spoons, bubblers, etc. They have a WIDE selection of bongs, paraphernalia, and are very low-key.

    But better then all of this, they carry DWB custom logics! for only 300$ from worked custom stemline 18" to some crazy different percs I haven't even seen before, I tested out there stemline and let me tell you, for the price, to what you get. it's absolutely AMAZING!

    I would HIGHLY recommend this shop, as they well carry anything you need, from a hot wand, to a skillet, to a dome. But the best part is if you have at least 5$ dollars they WILL let you walk out with something, I got a new 6-8" Bubbler insideout&fumes for 20$, now that wasn't all, he also threw in a magic tailor oversized bag! I think that was a pretty sweet deal, next time, I'm gonna go get myself a dwb stemline! those things kick ass...

    anyways, anyone else has a good experience with them?

    P.S. Go to venice beach, it's the dream for pot smokers.


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