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    High guys!

    I am new to the game, but I`ve been planning for a couple of months now, to build my own grow room. And it finally seems to crystalyze, as I am moving into a bigger flat next month! Dimensions would be 2,5ft deep; 7,5ft width and about 6 to 7 ft high, all sealed up of course (If there is something wrong, please tell me, I still can change dimensions, cuz it is not yet built). I wanted to seperate this space into two rooms (1 for vegging and 1 for flowering).
    I am aware that I need an exhaust fan with carbon scrubber for the flowering room, combined with passive intake vents.
    I want to use soil and one 400W HPS+ CFL 6500K(maybe two?) for flowering.
    In the veg. room i wanted to use only flourescent lights(T-5`s),
    for the motherplant(s): 1 appr. 30W 6500K, 2 appr. 18W 2700K (setup per Plant)
    (All 4foot long bulbes)
    and for the clones: 1 appr 30W 6500K and 1 appr.18W 2700K (setup per Clonetray)
    (All 4foot long bulbes).
    Is this reccomandable?
    Now on to my real question(s):
    1. Will I need an exhaust fan for my vegging room? Or how do i let the air circulate properly, in order to get enough CO2 to the plants?
    2. What strains do not smell much during VEG.? (i.E. I want to keep 1-2 MotherPlants and pull those little clones up until they r 15 inch tall)

    I would appreciate any help!

    highest regards
  2. Please I need answers, and I am looking 24/7 in this firum, but NO thread contains answers for my question. Please dudes! I need Info, wanna grow, can`t stand this bullshit weed here anymore...
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  4. I'm still new at this but I would set up a passive intake with exhaust fans pulling air in and threw the veg box. It will keep the temperatures nice and low and provide plenty of fresh air for the plants.

    In my experience thus far you won't have too much to worry about in the way of smell during veg. There will be some light "plant like" smell occasionally but nothing that should alert someone who isn't looking for it. Definitely make sure that you have the air in the flowering box scrubbed (carbon filter) one the way out however.
  5. Thanks a bunch dude! Finally an answer!
    Thank you for the advice,and again a question if you dont mind :smoke: will two or three computer-muffin-fans be enough to provide airflow in the veg. room?
    It is just that I heard some strains also produce a heavy smell during vegging. Can you recommend strains that do not smell that heavy during vegging? Thats about it... I still appreciate any comments or answers!

    stay high, make love and pace
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    High dudes!

    I conciderd the advice AzureBlue gave me and came up woth an idea. PLEASE, this goes out to everyone, I appreciate any comment on the construction. I am planning on having 2 to 3 plants at the same time in the flower room (LST`ing them) and one motherplant and a couple of clones ontop. However my scheme is focused on the air circulation. Searching for an inline fan I came across this one here:,77/option,com_virtuemart/Itemid,1/

    or this one with 365 m³/h,49/option,com_virtuemart/Itemid,1/

    I live in Germany, so shipping won`t an issue...
    Please tell me if that would work in my construction ( If the fan is capable of creating negative pressure in both chambers) . I also am putting up one oscillating fan in each chamber, in the flower maybe even two, all placed near canopy (They are not included in the scheme)

    On the Page they say it is suitable for up to 4 meters of tube length.I would take the strongest one with 320 m³/h...
    I am looking forward for answers.

    stay high

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  7. Your setup looks good man. Since I do a very simple setup using only one room (a closet), all I do is bring in air from outside and circulate it around with an oscilating fan. The way you have it looks like it would work as long as you are able to bring in plenty of fresh air and have strong enough exhaust fans to pull the air through. A good way to test your airflow is to take a big hit from your bong/joint and blow it in your room. If you see the smoke travelling through your desired path and disipates quickly; then you're good. Make any necessary adjustments and test again until you get it right.

    I find that fruity strains and most Sativas do not smell as much. I've grown Papaya from Nirvana Seeds before and never smelled it until I hung it up to dry. They give off a citrus smell, which is not quite as obvious as a skunk. Stay away from strains like Skunk, Afghani, Northern Lights, and kush; those smell a lot (Norhtern Lights will reek during veg and even more so when budding).

    You'll be fine... its easy
  8. Glad I coudl help!

    One thing though, I may have missed it but I do not see an intake in your setup. With a passive intake setup you will need a place for the air to enter. I have two holes at the bottom of my growbox with PVC pipe, black in color and bent in a such a way as to disappate light. Air is drawn in from those "holes" essentially, pulled through the box and out the exhaust fans up high and on the opposite side of the box. In my case it is now scrubbed by my carbon filter on the way out. Here are some pictures, though I did not have the carbon filter at this time and your setup is probably larger in size:



    Notice the two small exhaust fans in the top-left of the box and the one (of two) visible intake "pipes" in the bottom-right



    Closeup of the fans



    Exhaust from the outside



    Intake holes with PVC pipe from the outside


  9. Thank you so much dudes!!!!

    DMG that is the most pleasent and easiest test for airflow i have ever heard! will try it next weekend when i set up my box ;)
    And thanks for the smell tip, now i know what seeds to look for !:smoke:

    those greenish little boxes at the bottom of each chamber are supposed to be the intake vents....i know my drawing is not exactly a v.gogh, more like a picasso ;)
    But thats an even greater idea with the black tube, than mine; i wanted to put a labyrinth box, painted black inside, infront of the vents to protect the chambers from light.
    But your idea saves me some space! thanks a bunch!

    Can`t wait to start buidling the home for my new babys....

    Thanks again!

    Pace out
  10. take this for what it is iam no expert but i think that you have 2 meny fresh air intakes.. it looks to me like your veg room will circulate air great but the flowering room prob will have problems.......i would say put a inline fan on each box or change the way the air is drawn'in..... for example put your air intakes in ur veg room and connect that to you flowering room and have the inline fan at the end of your flowering box..... iam stoned so i hope it makes som kinda sense
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    Yo Thisisfunforme thanks for checkin in!
    I thought about what you said...I was about to buy a stronger (more cfm and more max. pressure) inline fan because of the length the air had to travel, but you had the right idea i think...if i understood you right... I made two new schemes, please tell me what you think of them and which one would work better?
    On the second one i located the scrubber infront both chambers, so I can also grow skunk and indicas, I just need to change the filter more often, is that right???

    make peace, love and weed!

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  12. Glad I could help :D

  13. High ThisisFun!

    Did I catch your drift with my new plans?

    stay high
  14. I have no experience, but I guess box3 is the way to go. Intuition tells me that in designs 1 and 2 the scrubber (which probably resists) would allow much less air flow compared to the unobstructed veg room vent. And the priority is the other way due to heat and smell.
  15. Thanks for your opinion lelumplolelum! I think I`ll definetly stick with no.3, since like you said the airflow will be much more efficent ,esp. in the veg room!
    thanks for stopping by dude!

    Make Peace, Love and Weed!
  16. I don't know if it is different with other MJ strains but based on expierence from my first (current) grow there is no need to scrub the air during veg. There is a light "planty" smell but you could easily pass it off as "stuffy" air :D

    If you have small fans you can save the restriction, which will help your temperatures.

    You will definitely need to scrub the air during flowering of course :smoking:
  17. Yeah i was thinkin about puttin the scrubber into the veg chamber and only filter the air from there... But then I heard that some strains produce an heavy odor even during vegging.. Also i have to keep in mind i got 1-2 motherplants + 3-4 Clones at then same time in the veg. chamber.... That`s why I thought safety first, and was planing on a strong inline fan (appr. 200 us$; 365 cfm; think it was 40 something Pa) that can take the air out from both chambers and scrubb it before blowing it out, or is this impossible???
    Thanks for sticking with me azure!


  18. I couldn't agree with you more :D

    Well said!

    Smell is, by far, the biggest reason that grows become discovered and destroyed :cry:

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