Vegging question, when to flower

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  1. Hey guys, Im growing in Coco, using GH Flora line, with cal mag of course. Using RO water Plants are currently in 1 gal pots.

    Ive been vegging for about a month, as you can see my plants are behind a little bit, because I didn't have a great watering schedule for the first 2 weeks. Now, since I've been watering every day just about, they are thriving and growing ridiculously fast.

    My question is this: Since I've been vegging for a month already(plants are almost 6", when would be an appropriate time to flower? Im assuming usually you wait until the pre flowers(calyx) show, because if you don't it can stress the plant and raise the chance for hermies. I have 16 plants in a 4x4, so I cant have them super big, and only transferring to 3gallon pots to flower. march 13 1.1.jpg march 13 3.1.jpg
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  2. What light will you use to flower?
  3. 1k hood, dimmable to 600w, then 750, then 1k. Currently using a HO 4 tube 4ft fluorescent, want to switch soon. Super HPS
  4. How tall is your tent? Then 16 plants in a 4 x 4, crazy, really how are you going to manage that? A 3 gallon pot is normally 10" to 11" across, so you can get the 16, 3 gallon pots in there, but each 3 gallon pot will only have 1/2 inch off space between them. And that will no way be enough space for each plant to breath once they mature. A plant will end up being at least double the pot size that it is in horizontally. If you are not going to do any training or topping, etc, I would use 2 gallon pots to flower if you are insistent on growing 16 plants all at once in such a small area. And because of everything said, I would definitely flip them now. No, that wouldn't be optimal because your plants look to young, but because of your limited growing space, to the number plants you want to grow, it demands that kind of sub-optimal logic.
  5. It kind of happened by accident. The seeds I received had a bunch that looked immature and no good, but I decided to germinate 16 expecting about half to actually germinate, and to my surprise, they all fucking germinated. Right before I flower, im going to reevaluate the condition, vigor, and strength of all the plants and keep the best 10, itll still be tight, but I was going to finish in 3 gals regardless. I agree, about them being too young, I was planning on waiting at least another month, would that be a good rough estimate?
  6. Probably going to take out 6, and move them outside into a closet, finish with the fluorescent I have. Best option I could come up with.

    One of the plants is getting its pre flowers, do you have to flower when those come in, or can you continue to veg?

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