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  1. Smoked. Watched VeggieTales out of nostalgia, still liked it, and wanted to share. Didn't know where to post so I posted here LOL. Don't have an opinion on the religious aspect but that cucumber is the man. LOVE YOU LARRY!
  2. Haha, never watched veggietales, but always heard my cousins recite it, used to annoy me, but now I think it's cool. My cousins still watch it in their teens, enjoy it, still recite, I just laugh, and am happy they enjoy something rather than nothing..
  3. Veggietales - because old fashioned, mind rape indoctrination just isn't enough anymore.
  4. Veggietales is AWESOME!
    I didn't watch much as a kid but I watch it now with my kids.
    It's good quality tv with some hilarious songs in between.
  5. Watch Bible Man
  6. I found the cartoon to be dull, poorly constructed, and rather idiotic.

    But to be fair, i grew up in the 90's, when cartoons werent bullshit.

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