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  1. I am starting to understand more and more on how to grow a marijuina plant because of this wonderful site. I finally know how to geriminate, but the vegetative stage confuses me a little.

    Here's what is confusing me:

    I know during the vegetative stage you should be giving your plant a lot of light and then once it is done with the vegetative stage, you should cut back on the light so it starts to flower and so one......but I have a couple questions and I would like to know if anybody knows.


    How do you know when the vegetative stage is complete? Like, is there a certain ammount of time and then your plant changes a little, and you get an indication that it's time to start flowering? This is important, please answer with details.

    How do I limit the ammount of sunlight the plant gets, once it is done with it's vegetative stage, so it can start to flower, if I am growing outdoors and I can't shut off the sun, lol.
  2. It will start to flower in the fall.
  3. when i was growing my babies outdoors, what i did with one of them was when the hours were long during the spring and summer for the vegetive state after i seen pistils start comming in (Pistils indicates females) i started bringing my plant in everyday for COMPLETE darkness after 12 hours outside and taking back out after 12 hours which induces flowering early but you have to keep this up everyday until fully budded...i only did this because i wanted bud early and personally i regret doing this because it caused my plant to turn hermie i believe ...please note im not sure if it turned hermie because it was bagseed or it was penetrated with light during the dark period but there still is a chance for hermies if stressed to much.
  4. If you are growing outdoors, your plants will begin to flower when it senses that the days are getting shorter. Mine start to flower late July to early August. Flowering takes about 8 weeks, depends a bit on strain. So I harvest in early October.
    I would advise you to be an indoor grower, and use enough lights to support your plants - or grow outdoors and totally rely on the sun. People who try to mix the two often end up with hermies.
  5. OK, now that you've gotten more answers, do you believe me? You just asked this exact same question and I answered it already.

    You're welcome. :devious:

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