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  1. Hello my plants are growing outside in pots right now there in vegetation there about 2 ft tall I have fox farm grow big and big bloom I know the mix but not sure how often to feed them with fox farm what is the idea feeding I am a first-time grower starting with 2 plants for myself. thank you in advance.
  2. there are many generic feeding schedules that people use, but if you can figure out how to follow this, foxfarm have their own feeding schedules on their website.
    Guessing you'd just follow the soil chart.

    As for bottled nutes and using them, I don't have any expertise sadly. I have heard people generally saying that they feed every 3rd watering though. Hopefully someone more knowledgeable will come along, hope that helps for now.
  3. I fed every watering when I was using fox farms and soil. Usually once a week depending on how fast they dried out. DONT start off full strength though. You’ll fry them. Start at 1/4 what fox farm recommends. And work your way up over time. Your plants will tell you when that time is.

    Hope this helps.
  4. That you for the chart. I learn that the normal growing stage is from May to October, one of my plants is around 3 ft tall I planted it back in November of 2018 it went into flowering by February but the flowers never developed now its vegetating again I top it a couple of days ago when do they normally start to flower around September?
  5. It depends on where you are in the world I would assume. I’ve never grew outside my friend. I don’t want to give you wrong info.
  6. were in key west Florida it's very hot during the day around 90 decree
  7. so we have our plant under a mango tree its gets half day sun then the rest shade
  8. You should plant after the last hard frost, which in Florida is usually late February- Early march. however, the best time to plant is after the daylight hours are long enough to facilitate vegetative growth, which in the Sunshine State is mid to late April.
  9. That’s what I could find for you.

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