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Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by Tainted_Purity, Feb 9, 2004.

  1. I have read alot of things on this website, so may I just make sure I have got things right...

    Question 1:
    You make your plants vegetate untill they are at the hight you want (in my case, 1 foot),
    Then you shorten the photoperiod to 12 hours, and they stop growing tall, and start budding?

    Question 2:
    Do the buds actually turn into flowers, or do they just stay as buds, and if so, do you have to pick them before the buds turn into flowers, or doesn't it matter

    Question 3:
    Do the buds grow during the vegetation period and ripen at the flowing stage, or do the buds only start to grow during the flowing stage.
  2. 1/ yes to all of it except that they would stop growing during the flowering period........usually the plant will double, if not more in size by the end of the flowering period.

    2/ when it flowers, it flowers the buds, and they keep getting bigger, and they are harvested from the main branch when they are ready, after drying......if you dry them the way i do.....themwhole plant is harvested....i.e. cut at the base, when approx 70-80% of the pistols have turned amber/brown.......this is a very rough way to tell, and a microscope would work much better...........

    3/ the buds only start to grow when the light schedule has been changed to 12/12 or 10/14 etc............however some strains have been known to flower when they feel ready regardless of the light schedule...........

    hope that helps ya.........keep reading......the more info the better, read the guides........Peace out........Sid

    good luck
  3. Thankyou!!!!

    This is very helpfull information, these forums are a savior, they're like an instruction manual you can speak to (don't worry, this is just me being trippy!)

  4. the answers are only a question ask and we'll help, all we ask in return is that you do your homework, before asking a question, then if stuck just ask, there's lots of sticky threads at the top of the growing forums, some by myself, some by vataloco, and hippie john and the other grow'll find them very informative..........Peace out..........Sid :D

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