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Vegetarian my whole life- starting to eat meat

Discussion in 'Fitness, Health & Nutrition' started by littlec7821, Jun 11, 2012.

  1. I was raised a vegetarian, but right now I am in college and too poor to keep buying veggie burgers and shit like that for protein. When I was younger I did eat fish, which I still do, but not nearly as much as I used to. I just figure chicken would be a more accessible food, I mean there are tons of times I eat out somewhere and my options are really limited just because I don't eat chicken.

    Should I be buying organic chicken? I can't afford to go to like whole foods or anything, just the fresh grocer here, and anything organic is going to be expensive. Is it really unhealthy to eat the conventional chicken? Brands I should go for? Any cooking tips? I've never really not been a vegetarian. I've eaten chicken a few times when I was drunk, never cooked it myself or bought it or anything
  2. dude, man i am a vegetarian as well......the chicken you get at the grocery store is fine....purdue makes claims....then there is free range....if i were u dont eat chicken....but that is up to u......good luck
  3. ive been going back and forth about it for a while. but honestly the extent of what Ive been eating for the past 2 years is like, cheese, milk, bread and pasta. nothing really nutritional, i'll buy tofu and veggie burgers and stuff if its on sale, but that only happens once every couple months. im just way too poor to keep up the vegetarian lifestyle, for now. once i make more money i'll probs go back. its just too much work for a poor college student
  4. Oh, lord... you BOUGHT veggie burgers? That crap is disgusting. Just make your own with pinto beans. They're a dollar a pound.

  5. thats my diet along with fruit and veggies, nuts, and beans. plus i m indian so veggie food is the main dish
  6. well either way, i kinda already decided to start eating chicken... but i still just wanna know the good brands to buy, preferably organic brands i can find at any grocery store

  7. yeah i got you, look at my previous post about perdue and free range chickens.
  8. I'm starting to eat less meat and more veggies. You can buy the chicken at the store just fine. I'm not sure the brand I think its perdue, but there is only one brand that packages their breasts individually, so you dont have to open a whole package, its perfect for a single person.

    For seasonings chicken is basically the most bland food so ANYTHING goes. I love blackened chicken, you can simply buy blacked seasoning, sprinkle it on the chicken (this seasoning goes great on fish too) and fry it in a pan with olive oil or butter. You can basically do that with any sesoning on chicken.

    Rosemary chicken or herb chicken basically sprinkle garlic powder, rosemary, oregano, parsley, salt, pepper, and whatever herbs you think go good with it and pop it in the oven. This is best with drumsticks but works with breasts as well.

    Chicken is very easy to cook with, seasoned almost any way. Look it up online you can find many ways to make chicken. Or you can download an app that will tell you what seasonings are good for what kind of food for what kind of dish (European, Italian, Indian etc) you are making.
  9. meat isn't necessary, but if you wish to eat it then eat it, just know that when you start having health issues to look back at what you eat...dairy, meat, sugars...these things all lead to a lot health issues. in the mean time do what you want, because yes you are right it does take time and a little bit more money (not always) to eat raw and organic foods, but hey its your health not mine do what you please

    as far as the chicken goes, yes organic is best, they are allowed to eat grass and get the minerals they need, the cage raised chickens are sick and fed only grains that makes them weak and sick...if you eat regular and not organic meats, you are eating sick animals.
  10. What ever you do, do NOT buy Tyson.
  11. I believe regular chicken also has a lot higher fat content.

    Canadas food regulations are sooooo much better.
  12. Yoo dog if they have any near you goto popeyes and get the fried chicken that shit is so fire!

  13. In what ways?
  14. [quote name='"ooTRAV1Soo"']

    In what ways?[/quote]

    For one their dairy cows aren't allowed to be injected with hormones Prooven to cause cancer and mental issues in baby's who were exposed to milk in the womb.

    You can read more about it but I'm on my phone and cant cite sources.

    This hormone has been banned in Canada and Europe to give to dairy cows, but here we still do it.

    Also we spray our foods with deadly pesticides than also cause cancer. I'm not sure if Canada uses what we do, but our pesticides aren't really safe for human consumption, they cause cancer too and because nobody has died directly from pesticide poisoning they still say its safe.

    You also have the widespread use here of high fructose corn syrup which is our leading cause for obesity, aside from people shoving whatever they want in their mouths. If we took everything with corn syrup and either changed it to sugar, or took it out compeletly, we would still have an obesity problem because people are uneducated about proper health, but we would have far less people who are morbidly obese and a lot less people who are overweight as a result of soda, snacks, and everything else we eat that contains it.

    Government really doesn't care to regulate what is put on our plates. You see a lot more people having their own gardens, snacking on nuts and fruits instead of chips, and cutting soda back because the population is starting to realize the poison that we are fed.

    I'm not a vegitarian, and I love fast food, I love burgers and fatty foods and soda. But instead of denying myself the foods I'm addicted too (yes the majority of us are addicted to these foods) I allow myself to have a soda when I go out, I allow myself to eat some chocolate every now and then.

    I cant live off a full raw organic diet, but I do what I can to be as healthy as I can in this world we live in. America is really bad about what we eat, and our government is hardly stepping in and doing something about it. That's why we are obese, and Canada, Europe, and a lot of Asian countries don't have that problem. their government does better at protecting the food that they consume.
  15. Oh and OP don't start eating beef if you can help it, a whole lifetime of being a vegetarian... if you eat beef you're in for a world of hurt, any kind of red meat is terrible for you if you haven't eaten it in a while. It can make you pretty damn sick.

  16. not planning on touching anything but chicken. just the idea of red meat is absolutely revolting to me

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