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  1. Hey i Was Wonder if anyone heard about Getting a Sort Of High From Smoking Vegemite or something along the lines of that, I'm Not Sure Exactly how it works if it does which is why i'm asking i heard from my mates uncle he came out of jail recently and said that people on the inside did it he never tried it tho but then i guess ya can understand why,

    Anyway any info you have would be appreciated and please don't tell me i'm stupid for thinking about it cause i'm just curious about and if it actually works

    Also Vegemite is being banned in some countries like thailand and possibly USA and they Tried in Australia too But They Had No Chance, doing that is just plan Unaustralian lol
  2. There's just no way. I use it all the time on produce at the store.
  3. KK thats what i thought too but then whats with trying to ban it ya know there Could be something there, and they've banned it in jails too like even in some australian jails they've made it a prohibited item for some reason
  4. i heard vegemite tastes nasty
  5. Imagine a solidified spreadable version of soy sauce. Then make it saltier.
  6. How old are you , MR_Kiwi?

  7. Perfect
  8. In October 2006, the Melbourne newspaper, the Herald Sun incorrectly reported that Vegemite had been banned in the United States, and that the United States Customs Service had gone so far as to search Australians entering the country for Vegemite. The story appears to have originated as an anecdote by a traveler who claimed to have been searched by US Customs. Also, a spokesperson for Kraft made a misinformed comment to reporters. The story led to some anti-American comments in blogs and newspapers. The Herald Sun blamed the US President for the ban, and encouraged readers to post comments on its website and send emails to the White House.

    The US Food and Drug Administration later stated that although it is technically illegal in the US to add folate to food products other than grains. There were no plans to investigate whether Vegemite contains folate, subject it to an import ban, or withdraw it from supermarket shelves. The United States Customs and Border Protection also tried to dispel the rumor, stating on its website that "there is no known prohibition on the importation of Vegemite" and "there is no official policy within CBP targeting Vegemite for interception".[5] The story of the "ban" later took on the status of urban legend.[6] While Vegemite has never been popular in the U.S., it can still be purchased at supermarkets that stock imported food items.[7]

    That may help explain the "ban".

    And I really see no way someone could get high off that.
  9. No way - Vegemite is the BOMB! :D
  10. You have to BE pretty bombed to have the munchies strong enough to stand that shit

    Kinda like the stranded people on that mountain that had to resort to cannibalism.
  11. Nah... High or not makes no difference!

    I've been eating the stuff for the last 20 + years.... Vegemite on toast, just has to be made correctly, although I do eat it out of the jar while I am waiting for toast to cook... Nom Nom Nom
  12. Did someone just smile and hand me a Vegemite sandwich?
  13. It was me!!!

    Enjoy!!! =D
  14. After arriving in Australia I went to the dining room and this Ausie chick said as initiation I had to eat a spoonfull of vegimite.

    Even the thought of vegimite makes me nauseous now....
  15. Eww - okay that's just nasty to do that to someone who isn't Australian.... Maybe they just wanted to see the look on your face? haha

    I have given many Americans their first taste of Vegemite and they have loved it, but its something that is really over powering and someone doing that to you would ruin it. I do toast with butter (put on straight away, so it melts) and then a really thin smear of Vegemite.
  16. Well welcome to college down here right?

    Also downed a glass full of straight red cordial... That one had me queasy for days on end.

    Where is the land of OZ are you?
  17. Toast + Butter + Vegemite + Melted Cheese = Flavorgasm
  18. hahaha

    Well that sucks, because you're missing out big time!! :)
  19. Eww that Red cordial straight... not even i'd do that!

    I'm originally from Sunny Brisbane, Queensland, but moved 5 months ago to Miserable Melbourne, Victoria, just temporarily living down here (a year or two max!).

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