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Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by LadyToker, May 13, 2011.

  1. Super bored in Vegas. Anyone entertaining?
  2. Uhhh..... You're in Vegas? Trust me, I bet there's SOMETHING you can find to do....
  3. Head to the casino or find yourself a prostitue.

    Problem solved.

    Edit: just saw your name, disregard the last part. (unless your into that stuff.)
  4. I wanna roll up some fun ;))
  5. Club XS

    casinos - the hard rock hotel has a great game called "switch"
    You get 2 cards like BJ, but then you get another card on top of the the previous 2 cards..
    and you can "switch" the top 2 if you want to! It's fucking amazing!

    Go to a strip club

    Go fire machine guns at the gun ranges.

    Go meet people at a bar and party with them!
  6. boys i know i can go gamble and do other things, but what i want i cant order at a bar if u catch my drift ;) so anyone know where i can go get some fun?
  7. Desert...Cactus...Need I say more?

  8. Go ask a hobo
  9. I don't get exactly how she's "trollin'" but if I'm catching your drift an easy way to acquire said 'fun' is to ask one of the Mexican guys handing out escort fliers.

    A buddy of mine asked one and 5-10 minutes later he had an eighth. :smoking:
  10. im from miami, so mexican grade stuff isnt my kind of stuff. I dont want tacos, i want lobster. lol but i just may have to settle. anyone local?
  11. no it is not a trap! i wouldnt be able to say shit like that!
  12. ughhh! who would have thought it would be this hard!?
  13. If you're bored in vegas, you must be on some strong couch locky shit. Because you'd find something to do in a second if you left your room.
  14. Explanatory.

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  15. youre in las vegas i don't live in the states and im pretty sure i could get weed in less than an hour over there lol
  16. because im a chick im worried about getting robbed or some shit. any advice?
  17. do you have any friends ? las vegas
  18. no sir :( just the people i came with and we are on this mission

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