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  1. Are there any places you can smoke bud near the strip or do I need to vape?
  2. Youll need to vape. Youll get handled by the dbag cops otherwise. ..
  3. There are a lot of kids around surprisingly, even late at night. I did smoke on the Strip very cautiously and get away with it but I wish I had a better spot to do it at for sure
  4. I found some information online and they give out 600 dollar tickets for smoking, I thought Colorado was bad. They shouldn't act like you can go there buy some smoke and enjoy that's total bs. If you don't live there you literally have no place to smoke legally, not your car, not in a building, not outside the building, no parks no public spaces. I think I'll pass on Vegas and do the pacific coast highway instead.
  5. If it's really busy, there will be a lot of cops mixed into the crowd.

    I lamest never smoke flower on the strip but will be vaping almost constantly on the strip or inside the casinos.
    No one bats an eye and I smell a lot of cannabis everywhere.
  6. It was just in the last few weeks that the Nevada governor being jerked by big gambling industry powers injected a last minute backdoor amendment in a bill that would have at the state level allowed places like lounges to smoke at. Las Vegas had already within the last couple months approved that in the city but the state law has killed those plans in a delay till it dies tactic till at least 2021. A few places had big plans to open up by summer in Vegas. Thus Nevada...visit our state, buy our weed, but don't smoke it anywhere (sniffing is ok) as that is illegal and beware you could be busted for bringing it home during your return air travel so please first toss whatever you buy into our city trash cans.
  7. Thank you for the information hardrokker, I wanted to use some air-miles I have and thought maybe Vegas would be different from Colorado or Washington State. After three trip to recreational states I finally figured out the only way to be able to smoke freely was to rent a place on VRBO or one of those sites. Last time we went I rented a cabin in the middle of nowhere and smoked Snoop OG to my hearts content. Nothing wrong with vaping but can't they figure out how to let you smoke flower you just bought.
  8. San Francisco is currently the best city for recreational cannabis smoking lounges. Even those have a ways more to evolve. Oregon can't get anything through as they remain in a mess. Colorado last month just passed new rec weed lounge laws at the state level except now each city or county has to approve and or modify what that is so anyone can actually do something. Denver itself has to modify their law towards the state law. All that will take legal time. Meanwhile San Francisco is rolling along opening up more and more places to smoke. I won't be happy until they begin to allow at least a few places outdoors to smoke like along specific shores when no non-smokers are say within 100 feet or at the end of some bay shore piers.
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