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  1. Med patient flying out for a few days on the strip, anyone local that can tell me where I can scoop a can of butane on the strip so I can fill my torch? Going to stop at Vegas Releaf for some Moxie, was hoping they would carry torch refills.

    Also, any "must do's" in vegas? First time going. Favorite restraunts we should go to?
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  2. In Oregon you can buy butane refills in most grocery stores and many gas stations. My favorite thing to do in Vegas is get out of the city and go to the cool shit within 1.5 hours drive. In town, I thought the aquariums at Mandalay Bay Hotel were pretty cool. I've only been to Vegas a couple times though.
  3. There's probably a bunch of smoke shops on/near the strip. I definitely know there's one right by the Hard Rock. Bought a bong there Haha.

    Some tips: wear comfortable shoes if you plan on walking a lot, or going to casino to casino

    You can drink anywhere. I'd hit up a liquor store and stock up on whatever you want as everything inside a casino will be over priced. This goes for food as well.

    I've gone to vegas a dozen times, and you may do it differently. I basically drink until my liver is about to fail, for 72 hours. Lol. It's rough, but we go hard.

    If you plan on going to multiple casinos and want to drink free/cheaper, then hit up some of the slot machines in an area with decent foot traffic.

    Put some money in and wait for a runner to come by. It's bound to happen, get her attention and order a drink. Some places have limitations o what you can order for free, some dont. Ask! If you plan on gamblin', tip her a couple bucks so she'll come back. Easy liquor, I'd say. If you're not gamblin', wait for your drink and cash out. On to the next.

    You definitely gotta hit up Freemont Street. It's north of the strip, and I'd suggest taking a taxi. Freemont St is known for its cheaper atmosphere and street performers and other things like that.

    Have fun buddy!

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  4. I am renting a car to go hit up Red rock canyon and check some stuff other than the strip. My girl really wants to see the aquarium at Mandalay, so we'll be going there too. I don't drink often, but when I do I definitely put down some whisky, Im supposed to have a 4 person hottub in my suite, so Ill be drinking, dabbing and having a good ole time haha. Everyone keeps telling me to hit freemont so Im sure we'll take a Uber down there.
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  5. It's not difficult to find anything in vegas... it's vegas?
  6. Obviously. I'm asking for a local to give me specific location on the strip to buy a can of butane so that i dont have to spend all day trying locate one.

    Perhaps just asking when I go to the dispensary will work out better
  7. Problem solved. Called a cigar shop at MGM and they said they sell butane.
  8. I'm sure Red Rock Canyon is awesome but definitely consider Valley Of Fire. I've traveled quite a bit, a year backpacking through Central and South America, Greece, all around the western states, etc.. and Valley of Fire blew my mind. I'd fly to Vegas just to go there again and camp.
  9. This is major and makes this thread completely worth it! I'm so glad you mentioned this, a quick google search of a comparison of the two and its obvious that I need to go to VOF! Im going Mid-may so i will most likely need to go early in the AM
  10. Have you done hiking in the canyons of Utah? I think that was my favorite area for backpacking.
  11. No, I've only driven through Utah. I've always wanted to go to Zion Nat. Park.
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