VEGANS: hemp string??

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  1. Hi everyone. So before I turned vegan I was using waxed hemp string (beeswax), and would like to find a vegan alternative. Has anyone bought or seen hemp string waxed in a vegan-friendly wax?

    Thanks in advance! :)
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  2. A lighter has no animal products :bongin:
  3. Yes but I liked how the hemp string avoided me from inhaling the chemicals from the lighter!
  4. After pages of googling, I don't believe it exists. I assume the beeswax is a vital part of the wick for proper burn and preservation

  5. Aw darn, I was hoping another type of plant-based wax could be used.
  6. No offense but if I smoked with you and you tried to pull some "vegan smoking" crap I would slap the hell out of you. Just use a damn lighter or the damn bees wax for christ sake. IT'S NOT THAT BIG OF A DEAL.
  7. It is for some, you have your opinion but I shall do my best to respect others life choices.

    OP, soy wax or baysberry wax would both work for vegans.
  8. lol its not like they slay bee's for the wax.. no animals are harmed in the product making of hemp wicks! all organic especially for you vegans.
  9. How can you tell if someones vegan

    Dont worry, theyll fuckin tell you

    Jk but seriously OP, eggs, bacon, pancakes, all of those good delicious products, just be vegetarian, eggs dont hurt anyone, they arent ferilized so it isnt killing
  10. [quote name='"The innovator"']No offense but if I smoked with you and you tried to pull some "vegan smoking" crap I would slap the hell out of you. Just use a damn lighter or the damn bees wax for christ sake. IT'S NOT THAT BIG OF A DEAL.[/quote]

    Haha i know what you mean bro!

  11. lol bacon is straight up pork bro! dont know if you know this or not but that comes from a live animal. OP what made you turn into a vegan? not trying to rash but wtf's wrong with you! we are animals! i also heard its not as healthy being a vegan.
  12. Yeah ik bacon is pork o.o, kinda obvious, but dude, if its one of those "animal cruelty things" you can buy from a private farmer, i do and it has 0 pesticides, 0 hormones, 0 pink filler, plus the animals are free range, if i was delicious i would let you eat me ( after im dead of course)
  13. Only one way to find out :D
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  14. This saddens me how gc treats vegans. I eat a lot of vegan foods and try to avoid using animal products. Its a highly respectable way of life.

    Idk... about the wick op. Some alternative solutions to a lighter is vaporization, solar hits and using a glow wand.
  15. You don't eat it so why can't you use it. Not trying to be offensive I just really don't understand
  16. Why don't you just use a match, or a lighter? Or maybe even a soy based wax for the hemp string(I used to have a soy candle) And if he's vegan, who cares? His choice. I prefer to light my bowls with a bag of burning kittens. To each his own.
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    Vegans don't use animal products. It can be for a variety of different reasons. Like environmental reasons, personal believes, or animal cruelty. Having someone kill an animal and mindlessly eat their flesh. Kinda gets me. Most people don't understand the process of death and butchering an animal. They make other people do their dirty work.

    Edit: As for bees some people are against farming insects. They want them to live naturally, I think.... Idk I personally see nothing wrong with bee keeping. anyone can correct me.
  18. No I get the not eating meat part.

    I just didn't think bees wax was produced in a way that was bad I guess. But if someone didn't use any animal product that makes sense.

    I agree a glow wand would totally be your best bet. You would need a decent butane torch but they aren't that expensive.

  19. Maybe they just want to stick with plants and plants only. I don't think it would be a morale thing. I chose not to eat honey for dietary reasons, but I see use bees wax because I see no harm. Insects can often be debatable.
  20. I agree screw insects :metal:

    Haha jk

    There has to be some form of natural wax that's safe to smoke

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