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  1. how long shold i veg my clones before i put them into flower? they are 4 weeks in , 15-18 inches each. in order to yield 2 ounces min per plant. 10 plants going under 1000 watt air cooled with perfect conditions and nutes. all replies appreciated . btw i was told by an expert to fim and veg them till they are 3.5 feet each and they will yield a qp per plant easy
  2. this belongs in the indoor growers section dude. youll have much more luck getting an answer there
  3. you GOT to veg 73 days, 3 hours and 35 seconds.
  4. In the end it's up to you on how long but keep in mind that they will get much,much bigger during flowering. If you have all 10 going under 1 reflector then you need to make sure you'll have light coverage on the perimeter. Getting 2 oz per plant under 1000w and perfect conditions will not be a problem.
  5. thanks for the reply i will go to the right forum now
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    I don't do much cloning but if they're that tall now and u plan on Fimming I'd flower now.Does this person know if you grow a sativa or an indica for that matter indoors to 3.5 feet and THEN start to flower you could end up with various problems.I can get a quap or just a bit under vegging 3 weeks from seed you should be good.Good luck!!

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