veg under soft white 3000k???

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  1. Would it hurt the plants if i let them veg for a like a week or so under soft white cfl's instead of bright white? I just put 4 clones that i took out of perlite and into soil/perlite mix. They didnt have real big roots, but had small ones coming off of it, so i thought i would see how they do in soil. Any input on this? I plan to put them into 12/12 as soon as i know they are healthy and growing. would putting them under 12/12 while they still have small roots be too hard on the plant? thanks guys, sorry this is long, and rambling, just finished token! :cool:
  2. im pretty sure that if you put the little clones under a 12/12 cycle they wouldnt last because they wouldt be able to support the bud. you need to let your clones grow for a couple weeks than when they seem to be the perfect size, you run the 12/12 on them
  3. I've heard of a lot of people putting them straight under 12/12 when they root, im trying to get a sog going, so i guess that would of been helpful to know lol. I just wasnt sure because they didnt have a real big root base.
  4. so in the last few hours since i transplanted my clones from the perlite to the soil/perlite mix, they all have become very this normal right after transplant. They all only had small roots starting, not really big or long root mass. Should i be worried?
  5. Yeah, transplants cause stress, especially if they're fragile like young clones. They'll perk up.
  6. Thanks a lot Kamel. You've been a ton of help on this first grow for me. They looked better this morning, when i opened the box to let it cool off while the lights were on. Should i veg them for a week or two under the soft white 3000k? would it not be worth the extra time under soft whites? I got 6 small clones under about 156 watts of cfl's soon to be about 200 watts.
  7. 6500K would probably be better, but 3000 k will work....

    you may want to let your plants roots build up before flowering.....roots are a huge factor in overall pot harvest. they will grow while flowering, but thats all the more energy taken away from flowers, and also less available nutes/water due to small root system.
  8. thanks man. Im going to let them veg for about a week and a half or two before i switch to flowering. Which works better anyways because i just found out i have to go out of town next week. Thanks guys.

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