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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by snpny, Feb 16, 2003.

  1. when does the veg period actually starts, is it when the girls first come out the ground or after they grow their second sets of leaves? My calendar seems to be off when I am keepinf track of my progress... and the same thing about the flower period when is a good time to change the cycle cuz during veg my cycle is 24/7 light
  2. weed is an annual.
    so it has 4 parts of the life cycle.

    seedling...where it comes out of the seed but doesnt have true leaves.

    veg...where it has true leaves and no flowering structures.

    mature sexual being...male and female comes out of axles.

    knocked up (only the female can get knocked up...just like u and ur girlfriend)...females matures the seed and dies.

    u can go for mature sexual being at prob anytime in the veg cycle but wait for some height. i do about 1.5 months of veg and 2.5 months of flowering.
  3. I know all that stuff but I want to know for like in general. Does veg actually start with the first leaves that break out of the seed casing, or with the next set of leaves after that. So i have my weekly planner on the right time schedule.

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