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  1. Hello all! I am a new grower here, and I was wondering if anyone could help me out with some light suggestions or advice.

    Right now I have a 4x4 tent for flowering, and I was planning on getting another small one for nursery and 4x2 for veg state.

    So far I have been curious about T5 lights (I already have a 1200par viparspectra for flowering in 4x4)

    Please let me know if you have any suggestions for veg room & nursery lights :)
  2. Ebay and get those cheap LED's. They aint worth a shit for flowering but are great for veg, and dirt cheap.
    I have a couple of em' I use for clones and veggin' you can buy them so called 1000 watters for 20 bucks
  3. I really like those 4000k qb boards. They are awesome for seedlings and veg, but can flower if required and make a lush warm 3500k germ to harvest if mixed with the 3000k. One 135w 4000k v2 will veg a 2x2 area nicely, maybe more depending on need.
  4. do you have any pics of them vegging? sounds almost too good to be true haha
  5. is this a ready to go light? I know absolutely nothing about building lights :( I guess I should learn
  6. I'm worse than you. I freak out if a lightbulb needs to be changed. I paid full price to have mine assembled and tested. They really give you a hard time around here if you do that. Horticulture Lighting Group Quantum Board LED Grow Light Kits
  7. Nevermind. That's the same one you recommended :)
  8. I know nothing about lights. I like the v2 boards that use 301 chips. But everything I like is probably already obsolete. For veg, the 4000k is very nice and quite superior to mh but comparable in spectrum to t5. One 260 v2 has two of the 288 v2 boards and is sufficient to veg 2x4. Always ask around to get a better opinion, I just kind of point people that don't know what to ask yet.
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  10. I waited to long for the clones, the roots tangled. Had to cut em apart, they never slowed down growing though.
  11. U asked about veg and flower. A 3500K light will do good on both. 4000k Is good on veg. A 3000k is best on flowering.
    With that in mind, I only veg 2 or 3 weeks at most. Flowering time is much longer 45-70 days.
    So I spent my money on flowering and getting fat buds.
    Here is where to get your QB's at half price, shipped to you in 5 to 6 days after payment is made.
    Best Seller Shenzhen Led Grow Lights With Quantum Led Board 288 Samsung Lm301b Sk Top Bin - Buy Led Grow Lights,Samsung Led Board,288 Quantum Product on
  12. I've placed 3 different orders from Mandy and all went perfect.
  13. Maybe I will go that route! Seems like you're getting amazing results. I got lost in one of your grow journals last night and just read for hours lol. The plants looked beautiful. Makes me want to switch from soil
  14. Thanks KB. Yeah I quit dirt years ago
  15. You got any advice for where to start with hydro?
  16. Perlite in a fabric bag. You can treat it just like soil. Plant a seed in the perlite and when it sprouts spray it with 1 ml protek t and 1 ml foliage pro, per liter and you are hydro wasn't that easy?
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  17. Yeah.
    I took a friend of mine and he's a great grower now. He followed what I told him like the bible and he's producing 2+ lbs every 70 days or so.
    Read my two journals I think I have pic's of everything I've got going in there.
    You can buy that kit you posted the link to, but I may be cheaper to get black 5 gallon buckets and 6 inch lids.
    Then make your floor plan, use 3/4 inch for the drains, and 3/8 for the water being pumped into the top.
    The buckets must be light proof or you will get root rot. If black is not available, you can use reflective metal tape to wrap the buckets.

    But yeah ask away, I'll help ya out every step of the way.

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