Veg Indoors Flower outdoors?

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  1. I have two fluorescent tubes and a balast that I got for $5 at a yard sale, theres 2 48w cool white light bulbs so thats almost 100w. I have 10 bagseeds germinating I only plan on 5 or 6 cracking, if I grew them for 3weeks under 18/6 then transplanted them to 1gal outside in a field to flower in early september when its 13/11 what would the yield be like? I also have a tahoe Og Kush that ill add around mid August that one I may do a full month.

    For soil I have
    1/3 Coast of Maine potting soil: look it up its only $10 a bag and up there with Fox Farm, its a mix of high grade peat moss, lobster and bark compost and perlite.
    1/3 Organic Jiffy mix, the Compost makes the Maine soil really heavy and clumpy, plus it retains too much water I mixed it to water it down so to speak.
    1/3 Perlite
    Organic Bat Guano, Im thinking of making a tea with molasses(K) and the Guano(P)
    Bone Meal (NP) Just going to sprinkle some at the bottom of the pots.
    Watered down urnie(N) All jokes aside 1/10 urine is one of the greatest sources of organic Nitrogen so good that Finland uses it on there farms.
  2. I'm afraid of flowering outside due to my last plant getting attacked by mites hungry for that sweet OG sap, so I'm considering doing the exact opposite as you :/
  3. Never had a problem with mites, what region are u in? Im in the mid Atlantic and Its the grasshoppers/locusts, root eating bugs, and deer/rabbit that im worried about.
  4. socal, city
  5. Are those bulbs a true 48 watts? Or are they like 13 watts but equivalent to 48 watts incandescent

  6. he's talking about tubes/ballasts, not ccfls, so yeah

    2 foot tube is ~25w, 4' ~50w
  7. @FLjester, Hello ladies is right, im talking about the tubes most ppl have in there kitchen, any constructive criticism?
  8. figure a half ounce, per gallon of medium. as a rule of thumb
  9. @Wharfrat74 Yeah i know that, im mainly talking about the veg time, at 2weeks under cfl their normally on their third node and 3-4' im going to guess that @3weeks they'd be around 6inches. Im hearing conflicting opinions some are saying you can even flower from seed and yield half o others are saying if I flower before they're mature they wont yield more then 10-18grams.

  10. dude... you just said the same thing twice. oz is 28g, so if you flower before mature and get 14, that's a half o.
  11. you're plants will take a MINIMUM of 3 weeks to mature enough to flower( if 12/12 from seed), and more likely closer to 5 weeks.

    basically you can indeed 12/12 as a seedling. But just like you had to, they have to become sexually mature before they start to get sexually active ( which is what flower is). so the time is MUCH better spent adding a few extra hours of photosynthesis per day in veg.

    just my .02
  12. @Wharfrat74 Thanks bro based on your experience 24/0 vs 18/6 which is better?
    @hello ladies yeah I just realized that lol I meant to put 8-10grams
  13. take your pic. it is a never-ending argument. :eek:

    if your worried about power $$, cut it down to 18/6, otherwise let em go. tends to be my motto.
  14. Ill post some pics after 3weeks.

  15. 24 hours if you want your plants to be short.
    18/6 if you want your plants to be a good height and bigger for going outdoors.

    And vegging should be a month + if you want anything decent from the plants.

    Also why are you putting your plants out so late in the season?
  16. @Govermint I had $60 worth of seeds in early July from the tude they all died in the freak storm that hit the East Coast and killed power. I just got 50 bagseeds so I figure why not I spent $100 on nutes soil pots etc im going to get at least something this season. If do 15 bagseeds for 3weeks indoors then in 1gal in a field it should continue vegging up until mid sep when the days are 13/11. Im not looking for pounds id be happy with 1 Oz to .5 oz each. 18/6 it is im going to have them under the light between 3Am and 8Am then they will go outside until the sun sets at 8pm then back inside this is to save energy.

  17. oh that sucks, yeah that storm was pretty bad, didn't lose power though.

    Bagseed can be just as good if not better than some of the seeds you can buy.

    3 week vegging inside to more vegging outside, yeah that'll work, but your gonna want 3 gallon buckets atleast, so you don't have to transplant, while still being able to have a good size plant from start to finish, you could even do 5 gallons but the soil will of course be more money.

    Your grow seems fine to me, nothing wrong with moving them inside and out.
    Hopefully you should have better luck this time.

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