Veg for LST?

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  1. do i have to veg to do LST or can i go right into 12/12 and still LST? im asking because i veged this plant for 2 weeks now im switching to flower but i want to LST and i dont know if i can do this without veging the plant out a lil first
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    Um, i would consider 2 weeks a 'lil' already.

    Pics would help here i think mate. How tall is the plant ?

    Planning on a bit of lst myself, and If i remember right you can/should start to lst when the plant is about 6-8 inches, or 5-6th node.

    Basically once the stem is a little sturdy you can start to lst i believe.

    But like i say, a pic would give the community a better idea on whats best to do from here.

    Start to tie down, veg for another week or so {tie'ing down as you go, continue to tie down 2-3 weeks into 12/12 ??
  3. The short answer is yes, you can still start LST at the start of 12/12. You can do LST at any time in the grow, all you really have to worry about is stems and branches becoming too stiff to bend. The earlier you do it the more beneficial it will be in terms of developing an even canopy and more budsites.
  4. thanks for the help, plant is on its 5th set of leaves and i dont think im gonna LST. im gonna start another grow after this and veg it out longer. im gonna try top and fim this grow.

    toasty i saw in a thread you said you top first them fim. from my understanding you top or fim to get more branches higher up so you have more then 1 cola, correct? should i only top or only fim?
  5. Correct, that is the purpose of topping and fimming. Topping splits that top into two, fimming into multiple.
  6. thanks about to fim right after this post!

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