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  1. whats the ratio for vegging and flowering?

    for example.. if I veg for say 3 weeks.. how long will the flowering stage last? and also, how much bigger will it grow?

    this is probably my last question until I harvest!
  2. flower the plant gets 2-3 times bigger and doesnt matter how long you veg for the flower time will be different MOST indicas about 8 weeks MOST sativas about 10 weeks give or take 1 or 2

  3. so if i veg for 3 weeks or 3 months its still gunna be about 8 weeks of 12/12 to flower?
  4. yes. there are a couple ways to check when you plants are done. by checking the trichomes with a scope is the most common way people tell when their plants are done
  5. ya! ive done a ton of reading on here before i even started. now im just filling in any gaps as i go. pretty good so far. now i just gotta wait for her to flower and harvest!

    i vegged her for about 3 weeks, its more of a micro grow. but she is almost a half foot tall already! :( and gunna get 2-3 times bigger in flower... haha shit.
  6. she vegged out way faster than i was expecting
  7. i have 2 plants right now started to flower them at 13 inches. one is now 24-25 inches the other about 20-21 inches
  8. holy crap haha. if im pretty strict on topping, and keep her in the smaller pot think i can control the size better?

    maybe LST a bit too?
  9. yea. dont keep her in a smaller pot to constrict the roots.

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