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  1. Aight got another brain buster for you guys. Got a 4x2 in my basement room with window completely blocked off so it's pitch black in the room. Now I got one lady in week 4 of flower in the tent and just germinated a few seeds. Today marks day 1 of their 18/6 light. So there will be a six hour difference In lighting schedule. Tent is damn near light proof from what I can see. Seems the zipper is the only spot I can see my blurple when all the way sealed up. I threw a blanket over the front covering the zipper up for today while I'm at work. What methods if any do you guys use when vegging and flowering in the same room? Should mention my new lady's are in a closet with no door on it. Don't really wanna buy another tent to veg and also don't wanna have to dedicate 2x rooms to growing. Any advice would be tight! Any general info on it helps ..
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  2. The only option I can think about is flowering autos and vegging a photoperiod seed at the same time. You can't veg a photoperiod plant in 12/12. You'll have to get 2 different rooms with their own light schedule to do this.
  3. I veg and flower in the same room
    2.5x4 veg tent
    5x5 flower tent
    So far no problems
  4. Depends on how you wanna veg them. If you got T5s then theoretically you could. Keep the vegging plants out under t5 and try to keep them away from tent so light does not get in. I would time their night with night so that we have minimal light leak in the tent and out

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  5. I'll be vegging with cfls, 250 watts. And the closet is kinda around the corner a bit. I think I'll just check for leaks and patch them up if their is any ..
  6. If ur planning on continuing with the closet, get some decent landscape fabric (weed blocker) and tape to door frame on top. It blocks alot of light. And your little light leak, don't worry about it. I used to leave the top of the back doors on my tent open with my veg lights goin.

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    Forgot to mention, the fabric does 2 things, blocks some light and still let's air flow in
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  7. Right on brotha. This was the kinda response I was hoping for. I'll probably end up doing that since it just so happens I have some of that fabric laying around from yard projects.
  8. So you have a tent for your bud plants and you want to grow veg plants at the same time in the same room but not in the bud tent? Where's the problem? Just don't open the tent when the light is off in there. Tents are made to isolate plants. A plant can tolerate a bit of light leaks. In nature they have to tolerate full moons and stars at night.

    My setup is a single 4x8 tent that I split in half with white poly doubled up in the center and taped off. 4x4 veg and 4x4 flower. I've never had a problem. I just don't open the tent until the flower side is on. Fix pinhole light leaks in tents with black ABS cement. Use 3m industrial velcro on your flaps and they will stay shut over the zippers.
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  9. I think I'm just OCD about stuff. And this is my first grow and I've come a long ways, aphids, got lucky with a female from bagseed and several other things so o really don't wanna fuck it up on week 4 of flower lol. I think I'll do the tape over zipper since that's really the only place I can see my blurple shining through even the tiniest bit. Thank you for the info, much appreciated.
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  10. Buy some Panda film at amazon and build a curtain between the tent and closet. I bought some today. $28 for 10' x 25'

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