Vector Torch Returns?

Discussion in 'Concentrate Tools' started by iCheif, Jun 13, 2013.

  1. Just wondering if anybody else had to send their Vector torch in for repair? I just wanna know how long it might take to get it back? Duno how long I might be without a torch....few weeks? Its already in their possession but I have no idea what they're doing, or when they're gonna get to it? Any help would be greatly appreciated, Thanks.
    Anyway my torch seemed to have a leak in it because it would lose fluid quick and the flame would go down quick as well. Compared to my friends.....its like night n day.

  2. It'd guess a solid 4 weeks. Usual turn around time for exchanges in my experience.

    Use a propane torch in the mean time.
  3. yeah just find a propane torch, or even cheapo gas station torch lighters can get you buy if you find some decent ones. If all else fails theres always the cheaper vector from bed bath and beyond, and a propane torch from like home depot you could grab. I'd say propane is a last resort though; at least for me no matter how many times I'm told its just as safe as butane, that "butane" even contains some propane, I can't help but imagine that it isn't the healthiest thing to heat your nail with. I may be wrong' but I stay skeptical until I see some facts lol; byproduct of the weed paranoia :D
  4. :poke: the propane/butane is combusted and turned back into hydrogen and oxygen.....
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    huh; why bring up a month old thread for that?* when did i imply i wasn't aware? i basically admitted I was paranoid about propane for no good reason
    *oops didn't realize this was in Concentrate Tools;.. every thread here is a month old lol
  6. Was just trying to help. :confused_2:  and since I just joined GC they are all new to me my man. :smoke:
  7. my bad man i think the emoticons and the .....s gave me bad vibes or somethin haha, felt like criticism more than help, but ya i repealed that after i posted I realized that like every thread in this section is over a month haha, in somewhere busier like Tokers Q & A bumping threads this old is kinda taboo could say

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