Vasoconstriction and Amphetamines.

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  1. So I'm RX'd Adderall for ADHD. Anyway my biggest problem with them is vasoconstriction. Sure it's not a big deal most of the time, but when it does matter it's kind of a big ego killer.:rolleyes:

    I know most stims cause this, but for some reason I have never had that problem when on MDMA or Coke. I'm sure that they cause vasoconstriction as well, but it is never severe enough to notice.

    Does anyone know anything that prevents or at least minimizes this side effect?
  2. definetly. cant ever get him up on addys but never a problem on coke or MDMA.
  3. try to relax your mind somehow. I find with adderall If i just relax a bit I'm able to get it up. But reguardless it always takes longer on addys to get him up. total ego kill

    I've found that not only can i sometimes not get it up it actually shrivels and gets smaller. :laughing:

  4. I don't really have problems getting it up. Don't get me wrong it's definitely a pain in the ass. I'm more concerned about my flaccid size. Whenever I go take a piss or something it's like WTF? I was bigger when I was 5, it's bullshit:( At least it's doesn't shrink it's erect size. That would definitely be a deal breaker. I was just looking for tips, so it doesn't always look like just go out of an ice bath.
  5. dont worry it is not at ALL permenent. stims like this take all your blood into your body and brain.

    Weed is a vasodialator too so smoking could help.

  6. Yeah I know that they aren't permanent, thank god:rolleyes:

    Maybe I'll have to start popping Viagra with my Adderall, or poppers, whippits, or any other vasodilator that I can get my hands on;)
  7. How much do you take? 25% of Adderall is l-amphetamine which is pretty much a pure vasoconstrictor. Why do they put a useless vasoconstrictor in medication that's supposed to treat ADD? Who fucking knows. This is why Dexedrine is better. Less side effects and less vasoconstriction.
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    Depends on the day but 40-60mg a day.

    I didn't know levo-amphetamine was a vasoconstrictor, but I agree. I never got what the point was in adding the levo isomers to Adderall. It was probably just so they could patent something new.
    Hell I'd like to get put on Desoxyn, I've read that it has the least side effects of all the amphetamine ADHD meds. I have like no chance in hell of getting it though. Damn people and their ignorance of chemicals/drugs:mad:
  9. Yeah, all levo isomers of stimulants are non-recreational vasocontrictors. Meth, amphetamines, methylphenidate. I never thought about being able to patent something different, that's a good reason to.

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