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Varicocele & Smoking (Pain while smoking)

Discussion in 'Seasoned Tokers' started by HHeh, Dec 23, 2012.

  1. Ive recently been told I have a Varicocele - PubMed Health Varicocele vein. (ultrasound doppler flow test assured this)

    Click the link to read more about it; basically it's a faulty vein in the scrotum -_- :hide:that allows backflow of blood causing a build up of pressure which causes an aching pain.
    Fuckin awesome right? It's been posted about before, but no topics have had much activity in them.

    So i've been a daily smoker for about the past 2 or 3 years because it seriously helps with my appetite, anxiety, overall mood, and insomnia.

    About a month ago I invested in a Da Buddha Vaporizer (thinking healthy!!) which was fucking awesome until the day I started having unbelievable pain in my balls. :(:wave: still reading? thank u.

    I went to the Dr. and told them about the correlation I made between smoking and the pain. I have learned that THC acts as a vasodilator (Widens or Opens Up your Veins and Blood vessels, like when your eyes get bloodshot) which is why it hurts so god damn bad when I medicate; The veins open up and its like a waterfall of pain headed towards my stuff.:(

    As u may have guessed the doctor advised "well maybe you should stop smoking," and I have. But I have the worst appetite and every night I go to bed at 4 or 5 AM.

    This all adds to the anxiety that I already have. I fucking hate Rx pills too. Dependence (ironic, I seem dependent on MJ), withdrawals, all that bad shit.. I never wanted to head down that path.

    My question is Has anyone else had experience with this problem?
    If not, I will figure somethin out I guess. I have a few doctors appts. in the future, but I imagine they will just tell me to stop smoking and prescribe 4 different bottles of shit to fix my problems.

    It's just worth a shot askin around here, lots of knowledgeable people in this community.

    thx 4 readin bout ma ballzies:hello:
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  3. After reading a Wikipedia article, it sounds like your best bet is to have a Varicocelectomy done. It's outpatient surgery and sounds like no big deal. (I hope you have insurance). Why just treat the pain with pills when you can fix the problem? Good luck.
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  4. I actually saw a doctor for the exact same thing my friend
    And let me tell you I feel your pain . My doctor though when he saw me just prescribed some antibiotics and anti inflammatory medication and it cleared up in 2weeks gradually easing in pain
    I get your aversion to prescriptions but it's no like there shoving opiates down your throat
    If its between a little pill for a week or testicular trauma I would choose the pill.
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  5. actually i got tramadol. it's a synthetic opiate haha :p:D

    I've been able to recently vape small amounts and still get pretty buzzed without much pain but I take 800 ibuprofen and a tramadol beforehand.
    Did you ever have pain increase when u would smoke? it seems pretty natural to happen to everyone with this problem i guess
  6. YES.

    It sounds exactly like what i had, im sure that was the name of it aswel. Well, they actually took the vein out from me (i have a scar to the left of my dick in the pube zone)

    It was my left ball, apparently i had something like this or a varicose vein, made my left ball swell and ache to shit.

    After the Operation, i had a year basically no sports because the op fucked up my inside leg muscle, after a year of no real sports and some physio to build strength i was back to fighting fit.

    That was 3 years ago.

    Apparently 1: 5 men experiance this at some point in varying degrees and time.

    I recommend looking into a fix, are there any options?
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  7. Love the tag lol but I have this to after every time I piss and I piss to quick!
  8. just get a good girl to give you that crucial head while you are rolling and smoking an ol school dutch with some good geech in it
  9. WOW! Hey whats up guys!
    I actually joined this site just so I could reply to this thread! :) But glad that I found this site anyway.
    Reason I'm posting is because I actually had the surgery myself.  I'm still healing from it, but I have the same inciscion spot that BUfinest mentioned.  Anyway, I was connecting the dots myself, because I'm thinking I should be feeling better but at times, still hurting.  I noticed that it seemed to amplify when I was smoking so I decided to google and it led me here. 
    I guess with this post I'm asking if there were any updates?  Did you actually have the surgery HHeh?
    Just wondering if I just need to quit?? :( lol
  10. Some weeks ago i was feeling pain while smoking. This was the reason couse i went to a doctor and he detected that a have a varicocele in my left ball.... it was also comfirmed by a doppler ultrasound test.

    I stoped to smoke when i noticed the relationship between the pain and the moment when i was smoking.... and now i feel better (y).
    The doctor give me "ibuprofeno" and "ciproxacilina" but i havent take it yet.. i think i will be much better after that.
  11. hello I'm not sure if anyone is still reading this post, but just to add what I have to say to the internet I shall continue.
    Since I was in middle school my left nut has been swollen and more tender/ sensitive to heat/ achy than my right one. I started smoking ganja when I was halfway through high school and I'm now a college student. I was diagnosed as having a large varicocele in my left testicle which is what you (original post) have too. Your inference about the connection of THC making your blood vessels widen causing pain in your varicocele is correct (from the original post). This is a big dilemma for people like us because we love to medicate and get high but the pain in our sensitive region is so much that we are now afraid to consume cannabis. 
    Outside of smoking my malfunctioning veins in my ball extensively bothered me in life, so I asked my urologist (doctor specializing in reproductive organs) to perform a varicocelectomy. This is one of the surgical remedies to get rid of a varicocele, basically the surgeon cuts the malfunctioning veins in two, via an inscision just to the left or right of the penis in the pubic region. The surgeon then ties off the cut open veins and puts them back. Blood has to return to the heart, so it is rerouted in another vein, one that hasnt been snipped and knotted, therefore blood flows through a vein that is in the scrotum but is not malfunctioning. You are knocked out for the surgery, and the after math is what sucks. There is crippling pain when you move and you are practically bed ridden for 2 weeks. After 2 weeks you can resume casual physical activities, and after a month you can do regular activities again. 
    I waited a whole month to smoke again after my surgery, and smoking was tolerable, but I found that while high I felt discomfort in my testicle, but not pain, and all i wanted to do was sit in the most comfortable position to enjoy my high and not move at all. in my opinion this was a step up for my relations with cannabis. My doctor tells my my cut and tied veins are no longer being used in my body and over the course of the next 18 months they will be absorbed and only the fully functioning veins will remain. 
    There are other surgeries for a varicocele, so if you reading this have a varicocele I suggest you do your own research and ask your urologist. 
    I strongly believe that pills prescribed from a doctor are in the long run not beneficial for your health and cause life problems. If you want to fix this look into surgery, or if it only bothers you when you consume cannabis, and you dont mind giving it up, stop smoking weed. 
    But I ain't stopping, I'm staying strong and casually smoking da herb. 
    Peace and love all
  12. I very much doubt that weed causes varicocele pain. It really isn't related to your varicocele. I would actually assume that it might help reduce your varicocele pain. You can read some great varicocele pain treatment tips on Reddit. Or even visit the natural healing website, which is probably the best site you'll find on varicocele natural treatment & pain relief. I have read the varicocele pain relief guide, and the advice that helped cure my pain 100% was perform cooling treatments, and circulating the pooled blood with inversion exercises. Again, I've been smoking up for years had pain for years. But, the things that cured my varicocele pain was reducing the specific stressors that actually caused testicular and vein damage. So, I recommend natural treatments, and am pretty sure that smoking up won't negatively effect your varicocele at all, if anything, it will help stimulate healing because it helps you rest, relax, and is anabolic.
  13. Did u always have the pain or did it occur suddenly?
  14. Im having this issue and i seriously dont know what to do. Ive been to the doctors but they couldnt find a varicocele. I still have pain in my nuts after i smoke.
  15. If anyone's still reading this, I have this exact same thing going on and I am a firm believer that surgery is not the answer because that's crazy and expensive. After doing research there are many natural cures for this. I read that anything that helps with regular vericose veins will also help with the testicles such as horse chestnut extract and fish oil! I will for sure be trying these out and see how well it works.

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