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Vaporizing high

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by featherweightftw, Jan 24, 2014.

  1. I feel bad starting a new topic so soon after my other one, but I had something I needed to clear up.Recently, somebody told me that with vaporizing bud, you don't really get high you just get the medical effects. Is this true?I don't really think it is, and I think my buddy just used a faulty vaporizer or he didn't vape enough or at a high enough temp, but I wanted to make sure.
  2. You definitely get high from vaping, but from it's mostly from the THC, and more cerebral. This is due to the temperature not being hot enough to activate some of the other ingredients in the plant.
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    That's completely false. @[member="featherweightftw"]
  4. Correct me if I'm wrong....I thought it was because of the lower temp that you get some of the other cannibinoids that you don't with combustion. :confused_2:    
  5. Alright thanks! I thought so!
  6. If this is true then why do people used the spent vaped weed to cook, or smoke in a pipe or joint?
  7. So when you combust you're activating all chemicals as opposed to vaping where only a certain amount gets activated?  I'm not doubting you but I've seen posts on here claiming the opposite.  Disinformation run a muck.   So what's the benefit to vaping?  Besides the obvious health reasons..
  8. I think that you get a better head high from the THC without the other chemicals which can cause drowsiness. I find that I like both vaping and smoking, but lately I prefer to smoke as the weed I'm using is mid-level, mostly indica and not worth vaping.
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    Combusting activates all checmicals that it doesnt completely burn off before you inhale them, but it burns off a good portion of most of them including thc which is why vaporizing, while not activating the ones that require the near combustion temps, still gets you high off of less weed because thc isnt burned so you get a LOT more for the same amount of plant matter.
    Not to mention part of the smoking "high" is from the other carcinogens and ash and lack of oxygen so thats not even all from the weed which is why vaping will feel a little different.
  10. Yeah I've only vaped 2 times and I noticed it was mostly cerebral....didn't get that much body high.  Sounds like sativa strains high in THC are the ones worth vaping.  I wonder how my 24% Jack H would feel/taste?
  11. Ah ok good info.  I need to get a portable vape soon and experiment.  I use a Roor tech barrel perc bong that i love...don't use a lighter just a wand now. 
  12. I've noticed with vapes you don't get couch lock as quick as bongs but if you keep hitting it you'll get there eventually.

    Definitly can get as high as bongs though.
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    While its true that the cannabinoids that contribute to a cerebral high are more volatile (vaporize at a lower temperature), the ones that contribute to a body high are vaporized at a higher temperature, thus those effects can still be achieved through vaporization.
    The unique aspect of this fact is that a more controlled affect can be achieved, if one has a vaporizer capable of giving them an accurate temperature reading, they can look up to see which cannabinoids vaporize at which temperatures so that they get a more particular type of high.  
    Personally, I don't have a vaporizer that provides me with a temperature reading, but I'll vaporize my stuff from golden to dark brown and I'll achieve a range of effects -I find that these acquired effects are more potent then ones I achieve from smoking out of a bong, with less plant material involved too-
    But here's the thing that is really unique when it comes to vaporizing
    (And this is something that I'm still not 100% sure about, because I need more observation to back up the claim, and I'm not sure that I ever will be because drugs affect everyone's body differently).
    Some say that they don't get as high off of vaporizing as they do when they smoke, and this could be for a number of reasons: Using an ineffective vape, not using an effective vape right, not holding your hits long enough (because vapor takes longer to absorb).  Even after being sure that one is doing it right, some still say that vapor just doesn't get them as high as smoke.
    A while back, I read a claim that a reputable forum member made based on his observation with this occurrence, and it made a lot of sense, even though I don't have any science to back it up.  He said that you have to allow your body to get used to the high from vaporizing if you are a typical smoker, and that unless you vape for a week or two straight, the high won't become noticeably more intense than the one you get from smoking.  The only reason why I feel this observation had any merit (because it doesn't make a lot of sense) was because I observed the same thing when I first got my vape.  I would use it but it just wouldn't get me as high as smoking a fat bowl, but I told myself that I spent the money on it so I should at least make sure I'm using it effectively before I give up.  I don't know when it happened, but after a while I started getting ridiculously high on just a small amount of vapor, and to this day even if I only vape a little bit, I can still even feel body effects enough to feel like I'm melting in my chair every now and then.
    However, everyone is different.  I can't assure anyone that the experiences I had will be the same as what you had or what someone else had or what-have-you, that's just how life works.  I do advice people that have taken the time to get to the bottom of this post and are reading these words now to experiment for yourself what method of getting high is most effective for you.  Try not to stick with one or a few things all the time, variety is the spice of life, and who knows, the most effective method might still be out there waiting for you, or even all of us, to find.
    The post below is pretty accurate
    But I still want to clarify some things.  The word 'destroys' is more accurate in this case than 'burns off' but I knew what you were getting at. 
    Think of it this way, the terpenes (where the flavor comes from) are very volatile, more so than THC.  The more heat you are applying, the more chance is that you're -I want to say, over-vaporizing- these chemicals and destroying them, because the higher the volatility the more 'sensitive' they are.  The lower amount of temperature you apply in order to vaporize the desired psychoactive elements of the plant, the more prevalent these psychoactive compounds will be in the resulting vapor.  This is why you get more of a flavor profile when vaping compared to smoking, there are more highly volatile terpenes present in the vapor than the smoke; the same logic can be applied to the various psychoactive components of the plant.
    Good point about those other factors contributing to a smoking high Shazy, I didn't previously consider how they could affect the taste and overall high. 
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    Vape @ 226 degrees Celcius to get ALL the cannabinoids WITHOUT any combustion taking place. Don't hit it too hard though, since that can lead to an increase in temperature, making it go over 230-240 degrees Celcius (the temp for combustion).
    And I don't like the idea of selecting or setting the temp for just THC or any other cannabinoid, I think you should take them all for it's true balanced effect. Compare cannabinoids with vitamins or minerals, you need them all, not just one.
  16. Thanks for the help. I'm getting the magic flight launch box, and I don't think you can adjust the temp with that.
  17. I've always just used a small glass test tube and a straw and it gets me really blasted off just a few pinches 

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