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  1. I currently have some BHO wax type concentrate and I want to vape it with my da buddha. It does work but I'm getting like 4 hits max from a bowl. (Little bit in top of avb)

    Are there more efficient and/or effective ways of doing this? Also don't have dome and skillet.
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    Dab off of the heating element and inhale through a water bottle that has the bottom cut out.
  3. Do not do this ^^
    Most experienced vapor enthusiasts would suggest cotton with the concentrate on top.
  4. Yeah, this seems to be recommended quite often, would you say it's the best method?
  5. Any special reason not to dab off the heating element? I have done it before and it works but its to much of a hassle to take off the cover and put it back on.
  6. wait the cotton dosent burn does it?

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