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  1. Greetings, y'all...

    This has probably been discussed before, so I apologize if this is an old subject!

    I want to know honest opinions of using a vaporizer, as opposed to using a bong or pipe etc etc. I'm tempted to get one, but there are still some reservations, esp. since they're not cheap. I have heard that you go through a lot more weed to get the same 'results' - is that true? Are they fairly simple to use, and clean?

    I haven't seen much written on these, so would just be curious to gather anyone's opinions, experiences with them.

    (goin' to take a very big hit...)
  2. I wouldn't think that the subject is very old at all (vaporizers) since I just heard of them a couple of months back and there are only about 10 models available on the internet that I can find.
    I think vaporizing is way cool. You could try it with household items just to see if you like the results. The first vaporizing that I did consisted of a cast iron skillet and a 1 cup pyrex measuring glass. On my electric oven, had to set the control on 6 to get it to the right temperature. I have a oven thermostat so it was easy to find the magic temperature of 400 degrees.
    Anyway set the 'tobacco' on it and turn the pyrex cup upside down over it. You need some kind of small metal tubing to set up under the lip of the cup to draw off the vapor when it happens. I used a piece of 1/4 " copper twisted so it would stand up on it's own. Be careful most methods and vaporizers present the opportunity to get burned, safety first.
    I've even designed a vaporizer of my own that out does anything else available in my opinion, but can't share that just yet, wanting to start selling them you see.
    Mark my words, this IS the way to embibe, old habits and methods are hard to break and it's just a matter of time when vaporizing is the only way to go. Add it up, relatively no smell and a better buzz, can't go wrong. Later,
  3. Hell yeah we've discussed this lotsa times!

    They apparently kick arse from what i've heard tho...

    Vaps are good but

    - they take away any kind of taste.
    - they arent as fun as a bong/pipe/joint to smoke as you get baked really quickly and it's just takes the sociability out of smokin...
    - they are hella expensive to buy- unless you make one from a soldering iron....

    just from what i've heard....
  4. I have to disagree with your statement about losing out on the taste with vaporizing. You really need to try it, I would say that you truly haven't 'tasted' THC until you get a good vaporized hit.
    I can see now with friends that I have showed how to do this, that change is not easy and we are all accustomed to 'smoking'. I have no urge whatsoever to burn a joint since finding out about THC turning into a vapor at 392 degrees without burning the weed.
    Actually kind of mad, no one ever showed this to me in over 20 years of smoking pot.

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