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Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by bluntsoverbowls, Jan 27, 2013.

  1. Looking for a vaporizer and I would like to know more about it from u guys. Stuff like how much does it smell when you use it and what does it smell like? Also suggestions for a vaporizer I should get that isn't too pricey (over 100$). I've been thinking I should get the vaporx xrt. If anyone can tell me if it is a good vaporizer that would be awesome
  2. Ok I'd like to start answering your question by saying don't try to go for a cheap one. It's better to spend and extra 50-60 bucks and have a vaporizer that satisfies. I have the arizer solo I paid 150 bucks for it and I am very satisfied with it. It does smell a little when you use it but it's nothing like smoking. The Lower heat you use the less it will smell. I use my with full heat in my room all I do is turn the fan on low to circulate air and blow my hits into a balled up blanket. With those conditions it never smells for me. Just remember vapor is nothing like smoke and If you have something to catch the vapor like the blanket you're pretty much good. The smell
    Itself isn't like straight weed. It gets a burnt popcorn taste or smell the more drags you take. Hope I helped feel free to ask anymore questions.
  3. If you have ever used a pen vaporizer how does it compare to yours? Also I heard the high u get from vaporizers is different from a blunt or bowl or whatever like its more a head high and not as strong what do u think
  4. I have never used a pen but I've heard that the vapor quality isn't as good for pens but that could be false it's just what I heard. The high from vaporizers is very different in my experience. I notice that it takes a lotttttt less weed to get high when you use a vaporizer. The other night after work I smoked a blunt with a couple friends and it barely got me high and the next night I went home packed .2 in my vape and got very high. The high is like a "cleaner" high when you vape but you still feel ripped. After getting used to
    My vape i feel like its a waste of weed to use anything else. Like in my first post when i said to invest a little extra in the vaporizer for a good one. You'll save so much money in weed that it's worth it to buy a nice one.
  5. Unfortunately a pen is my only option, still in highschool anything else would be hard to hide from my parents. But I am the same way, a ten blunt shared with anymore than 1 person doesn't do the trick.
  6. I'm in high school too. It's not hard to hide man. My vaporizer is about as tall as a soda can and skinnier. It's portable it's not like they're gonna make it big. I just keep the vaporizer and the Charger it comes with zipped up in an old coat pocket in my closet. It's probably the same difficulty to keep hidden as just about anything else would be.
  7. Pen vapes DO NOT vaporize herb, they are designed to vaporize concentrates and to combust flower. They all work with an atomizer regardless of which one you buy. Unless you have a regular concentrate connect or can make your own you'll be wasting your money. If you need a stealthy vaporizer for cheap your best bet is the Mflb. And the Mflb is actually smaller than many pen vapes
  8. Thanks for the pen info, I never knew.
  9. Yeah pens are essentially ecigs, they have a little heating element that comes into direct contact with whatever it's packed with. It isn't hot enough to combust concentrates but weed is still gonna burn.
  10. My vaporizer came with a strange little attachment that I always thought was for concentrates but I have never been sure. If I showed you a picture do you think you'd know?
  11. What vape?
  12. The solo
  13. I think I've heard that's for for aromatherapy I believe, used to burn liquid incense. But I've also heard of vapes designed for "aromatherapy" that are actually for concentrates. Googles your best bet.
  14. I just got my first vape the other week, seeing as it is the best way to smoke in my dorm. I got the Vapir NO2 for only 120 online. It works beautifully.
  15. OP if you're going to get a portable vape for this price definitely go with the Mflb over that vapir no2. But arizer solo is better if you can save the extra $50
  16. Ok thanks for the info man.

  17. Honestly, I can say from personal experience that I would rather use the NO2 over the MFLB any day.
  18. Hey man i highly recommend the Magic Flight Launch Box. I also live with my parents, but this fine crafted vaporizer is perfect. I use it in my room when my parents are home and they don't notice. If you use the thing right you can make it so no smell is given off. It is small an very easy to hide.

    I save a ridiculous amount of money using it. I can medicate about 10 to 15 times from a dub using it instead of rolling like 4 joints. It is really small so you can hide it just about anywhere. The only problem is you need a grinder to get your herb to the right consistency and that is sometimes a pain to carry/ hide sometimes. Overall the magic flight was probably the best weed related investment i have made. It is pretty cheap as vaporizers go (around 80-90 dollars) and is just as good or better then portables that go for $150. Read around about it. I was unsure what vape to get, but stumbled upon the Launch box and knew there was no other option. I almost forgot to mention the LIFE TIME WARRANTY!!! Doesn't get much better then that.
  19. Pretty confused with the pen vaporizers. Why are they a waste of money?

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