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Vaporizers Suck!!!!

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Bobbert, Jan 5, 2006.

  1. I cant hold it in any longer, I have to say it. I think vaporizers suck!

    I have a vapor bros model that I hardly ever use and when I do use I am allways reminded why I hate vaporizers. I know how to use it properly and all but I just hate almost everything about vaporizers. The high, the methlod, everything. The one thing I do like is the taste, but not nearly worth wasting the bud in my opinion to get the taste.

    I have used several diffrent types to, dome, gun, and whip style. Every time I am let down at how annoying, and crappy of a high you get from it.

    Ok /end rant.
  2. YEAH RIGHT!, i love vaps lol..only used a volcano tho..
  3. Get a good vape and your mind will change. Remember, to obtain something of equal value must be lost. Go big or go home.
  4. You aren't doing it right then...haven't met a single person who didn't praise my homemade vapes or commercial ones they all got sky high off very little usually pigging out minutes after

  5. Oooooh ooooh make me one. I will pay straight up.
  6. Homemade? How..details please.
  7. I feel the same. The only good part about them is

    that you can be a professional runner and still smoke

    because its completly harmless to your lungs.
  8. I feel similarly about vapes. I don't hate them, really, but I wouldn't ever really buy one for myself.
  9. i agree totally with bobbert, vaporizers suck,

    ill just stick with my good ol' zong, coughin and chokin the old fashoned way.
  10. to each his own
  11. not complex ...

    2 9mm heatgun reduction nozzles
    2 screens that fit one to make an enclosed chamber
    1 craftsman heatgun
    couple oven bags rubberbands and a 9mm metal or glass tube to fit the bag

    cut the one nozzle that goes on the heatgun with a pipecutter so it sits in the other pressing on the bigger top screen

    I've never gotten higher even off the inspector vapor bowls and the vap itself is denser I assume based on the shorter run to the bag or the double screened chamber
  12. Id never spend a dime on one,to much IMHO :)

    Ill stick to my glass bong and joints...
  13. Im not a big vape fan myself, a buddy of mine uses one all the time I dont mind them but id much rather just hit outa a nice bubbler myself :smoke:
  14. Of course you are entitled to your own opinion, but I find this post pointlessly negative. I love vaporizing weed, as I am sure many others do. In fact, vaporizers are quite significant to many people as they do not cause damage to the lungs. While not for everyone, vaporizers should be respected as they provide a way for people to enjoy the affects of marijuana without risking their health. Smoking Marijuana daily does significant damage to your lungs. I feel much healthier now that I use a vaporizer often...
  15. I have to agree with Bobbart and the few others.. I'm not a huge fan. The few times I've used a vaporizor (all "professionally made" products) it seemed to have wasted the weed and I didn't get as high as smoking. But maybe that's just me..

    You say they do no damage to your lungs, but do they still cause MJ to come up in a drug test??
  16. Are you special? lol THC is THC if anything it'll be easier to detect as you can dose way more without the tar holding you back
  17. i dont understand how you dont like the high it gives you bobbert. i mean it doesnt make your temples tingly like after you take a monster icycool bong rip. but the high seems pretty good and lasting for most.

    but im with ya on smoking. smoking weed is something totally different. i enjoy the process of smoking so much, and when i vap, i always smoke also. then i get a smoking high too and i satisfied the need to "smoke". if you've experimented and havent found something to fit your fancy with vap's then that sucks. but if not vap a fat bowl, and smoke 2. give it a run and tell us whats up. i bet you'll be far higher than 3 bowls would ussually do to you. im high, no ones gonna read this long post.

    maybe smoke a j and vap at the same time.
  18. I just decided to make the post just to see what others would day. It is just my opnion as i said in the thread.

    I just enjoy the process of smoking. The high from a vape is just diffrent then the high off burning or even eating weed. I don't like how entergetic it makes you feel, if I needed energy I would take some caffeen. I also think while the you use less weed the high fades much qicker then having a joint or a bowl.

    I know how to use a vape, it is not hard to do. I just think for me everytime i use a vape I get more and more disapointed with them.

    I think it is great though that their is an alternative to people who want the "healthy lungs" and don't want to smoke. I think if i had to quit smoking though I would either start baking, or making THC extract pills.
  19. What are THC extract pills??

    If I was to stop smoking I would certainly vape all the time. Baking is a long involved process, and the high takes a long time to set in, and I find is generally very mild for the amount of weed cooked into the food.
  20. ^^ not sure if this is what hes talking about but i kno there is marinol that increases appetite. not sure if it is similar to MJ at all but i kno its referred to as the "pot pill"

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