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Vaporizers - A Cure For Headaches/Migraines?

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by TickTockCroc, Oct 2, 2010.

  1. Hey blades,

    I should hopefully be getting my first ever vaporizer tomorrow in the mail! (Arizer Extreme Q, was going to go for the Volcano, the Extreme Q beat it with the efficiency and price).

    I have been a daily smoker for almost 2 years now, (with some t-breaks here and there). I have never ever vaped before, so I am quite excited to try it. I have done all research on how to use it correctly.

    I was just simply wondering if anyone has any experience with the treatment of headaches/migraines with a vaporizer? I am currently suffering a 2nd night from a migraine. I know my reason - I have had such a poor diet this whole past month, no excercise whatsoever, some days I would be so busy I'd only have time to smoke and not even eat the whole day (as you can guess - very unhealthy lifestyle).

    I have been using bongs/joints with an indica (OG Kush) to help alleviate pain. It is helping to soothe my nausea, anxiety and pain associated with a migraine. It is aiding me in sleep. However, I feel as though the smoke can be quite "groggy" for my head, making it feel sort of congested (although still alleviating pain).

    Do vaporizers work wonders in treatments for headaches/migraines? Does anyone have any experience they can share with me? I will most definitely report back with my own findings if my vape arrives tomorrow.

    Any help would be really appreciated,

  2. I would like to know as well since I had a migraine all last night. It just so happens I ordered a MFLB today... Thanks for posting this!
  3. As a fellow Arizer Extreme Q users, I feel like I have responsibility to spread the word of this great machine!

    I use the beastly machine atleast once a day, and I can tell you that everyone I let use it, including myself have been fully satisfied. Even a 60 year old that has been smoking his whole life wants my machine because of how the hits feel so clean and sneak up on you so strongly.

    But to answer your question, yes, it helps me when I have headaches.

    It may take a little while to get use to at first to find your sweet spot. Everyone has their own little ritual or method they use.

    But here's my way.

    If you're using the whip, all you need is .1-.2 of bud inside the cyclone bowl, set on 200 Celsius (Has done me good for a few months) after you let the glass warmup and you will get vapor from every hit if you keep mixing up the bud occasionally.

    I hope I answered your question! if you have anymore questions to ask in anticipation for the machine to arrive, feel free to ask! You're going to LOVE it!!
  4. Well, the only thing I can say is that if smoking works, vaporizing should, too. It just gets rid of the smoke, that's all.

    From my experience, even smoking has treated my migraines (note: I don't get them very often and it's not the main reason I medicate), but smoking has also caused them, too. When I vape, I no longer have this problem because I'm not inhaling tar and cancerous chemicals from the combustion process.

    Vaping also gets rid of the groggy feeling from smoking. I can vape all night and wake up refreshed, where as I'd be burnt out the next morning after smoking for a night. :(

    Have fun w/your new vapes, guys. You'll definitely be pleased. :smoke:

  5. You summed up everything better than me! haha.

    You grow to love the clean hits after using a vape, I just can't go back to smoking.
  6. lol, thanks. :)

    I know exactly what you mean! When it's just me (or a few friends that don't mind it) I only vape. I don't like how harsh smoking is, or how I feel like I'm going to cough to death when I do. I'm sooooo happy I bought a vape. :hello:
  7. Yeah! exactly! my friends actually prefer my vape over smoking because it saves alot of bud, and if you're a student like me, money is very important!
  8. Hey people! Very very appreciative of all your comments, help and advice!

    The vape should most definitely be arriving to me some point today, as I tracked the package and it has arrived at my state! :hello:

    It sounds like it is going to be marvelous.

    My migraine is making better steps to healing - I still have nausea and some anxiety in my system (woke up so anxious and nauseous I had to throw up! :(). I wish I could've vaped, but I am still waiting so I just had a joint of OG Kush - I feel much much better, comfortable and relaxed. What an incredible medicine.

    Just some questions (sorry if they seem really stupid!)

    1. When you use the whip directly with no fan, do you simply pre-heat, then place the bud in, leave it for a while and then proceed to inhale? Is the bud constantly being vaped? So don't you lose any vape when you are not inhaling?
    2. Do you ever put the fan ON when using the whip directly?

    I plan on using all methods... Whips, Balloons, Attach through bong etc. :D

    Thanks again for your helpful comments!
  9. I GOT ITTTT!!!


    Time to test this baby out!
  10. Hey people...

    so I used to the vape. i found it to be muchhhh cleaner and smoother... However, I feel as though I perhaps had too much. I shared 3 bags with my brother. I hit it perhaps 3 hours ago, and still feel high. Although, its a very messy/confused high - perhaps to do with my migraine and too much vape.... its making me rather sick :(

    I sort of feel like curling up in a ball and pathetic as it sounds.......... my anxiety is going crazy, i feel nauseous, I can't smoke anymore because its making me feel even more into a sickening daze....

    has anyone had this before?? Do you think i had too much? I just feel like throwing up :(
  11. Dude, vaping is potent, if you're not use to it, you should have 2 hits (not bags) to start. If you just want to get rid of a headache, 1 hit.
  12. The problem with vapes is that CBD/CBN and all those goodies boil off at a higher temperature than THC, so if you don't vape the bud thoroughly to dark brown, ~325 degrees Fahrenheit, you are more likely to get anxious or have a different kind of high.

    It can be nice in that it's less likely to induce laziness or couchlock, but it is less relaxing for sure. The upside of distilling out your bud like this is you can reclaim the CBD/CBN and everything by extracting vaped bud and smoking vaporizer resin... either of these will give you a great, anxiety-free, relaxing stone.

    As for treating migraines, I used to suffer from them pretty much every week, sometimes a few days a week. I find weed to help in general, but the method of consumption really doesn't matter. If I don't smoke or vape for a few days, I am likely to get a headache.

    That being said it sounds like your problem might be smoking too much, which can bring on headaches for me at least. On days when I'd smoke a ton and prioritize it over eating well, sleeping enough, getting work done, etc., it led to a lot of stress, weight loss (sort of ironic) and headaches.

    I guess my advice is to keep using your vape but use less bud and vape to higher temps, stick to indica strains, make sure you eat enough and have a somewhat balanced diet, and STAY HYDRATED. Most often cause of a headache for me is not staying hydrated or not eating enough, both of which can be brought on by weed marathons.

    Anyway good luck, and like I said, save your vaped bud and your vaporizer resin--these are GREAT for headaches or anxiety.
  13. To treat my migraines i usually stick with bong rips (don't have a vape) and an indica weed. For me indica is key, sativas tend to make my migraine twice as worse. Stick with a good 80% indica and medicate slowly. don't get blitzed with 3 back to back bags, take it slow because too much and you risk antagonizing your migraine.
  14. thank you for your help guys, so much.

    Well I slept at around 5.30pm and it is now 6.30am... 13 hour sleep.. woke up twice but forced myself to sleep again.

    I feel less "disorientated" then yesterday, although I have still woken up with anxiety... its just so frustrating because its a CONSTANT really deep pounding anxiety right below my diaphragm. I used to have anxiety problems 2 years ago but i quit weed and got over them and was fine. I started smoking weed again after the 7 months, and i was fine. Smoked everyday for almost 2 years. Now, 4 days ago, I get a migraine, and then suddenly wake up with the WORST anxiety (so bad it makes me throw up). I have no idea what is causing this. My migraine is gone but nausea is still there, and anxiety thru the roof???

  15. Ive done some thinking. Although the migraine caused an onset of nausea and fatigue, as the migraine got better (and is now gone) those symptoms are still here.

    Now, I do recall eating a very bitter red apple after my migraine began to show signs of going away, so i could regain some energy and nutrients. I stuck it under the tap for a quick 2 seconds, wiped it off with a kitchen towel. The skin was bitter, and i threw it up after munching it down - it made me sick, but i blamed it on the migraine perhaps.

    For some reason I'm starting to believe I might now have pesticide poisoning. The internet describes it as: "But acute pesticide poisoning can cause nausea, blurred vision, an abnormally fast heart rate, paralysis and death."

    i feel like my vision is not fully there, the constant anxiety is causing my heart to beat fast.... And i was thinking perhaps the anxiety has arisen due to the foreign substance in my body (the pesticide from the apple).

    Its just so frustrating, 4 days, still the same feeling - i just feel like i just want to TOUCH BASE on earth and live my life normally like I always have been...

    Do you think I may be right?

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