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  1. hello I was looking into buying a vaporizer. I'm in college so I need to be able to hide it. The myrtlezap looked perfect because I need to be efficent(main reason Im looking into one) but I can't leave it out in the open. My room mate would be able to tell and that would suck.
    I was looking at the Da Buddha vaporizer from 7th floor. I need to be able to turn it on in less than 5ish minutes cause I don't wanna wait that long. I need it be super efficent because bud is super expensive lately. And I would like to be able to hook up to bong and hit it that way.
    I would also like it to be easy to use and safe. Like, doesn't combust as easily. My budget for a bong, vap, and grinder is 200. If you know of any thick glass gong gong bong. Also, at least 10 inches tall and kind of thick. And a grinder that collects Kief for 20 ish if you know of a good brand name. Thank you for reading.
  2. Or I could just get a bowl for 10 then get an o of some sour d for 225. Im getting 4 o's for 900 so me and 3 buddies are getting an o each. So vap, bong, grinder then o for 425 or bowl and 2 o's for 460. Would 2 o's in bowl last me longer than one o in vaporizer?
    I just smoked a lot of the same stuff and it's amazing. Very nice feeling lol.
  3. you can't go wrong with da Buddha, i love mine
  4. If you really need to be stealth, a vaporizer is worth it.
  5. would using a small glass bowl be more efficent than a vaporizer? i usually do it in the morning and at night every day. i was also wondering what the high is like. does it affect your memory as much as smoking does cause i had a great memory but smoking ruined my short term.
    if i did one bowl in my bedroom and held hits in as long as possible then blowed out and used air fresherners and a fan would it smell? idk much about vaporizers smell afterwards.
  6. in my bowl i have now, a ounce of dank can last me 1 and a half months. i was wondering if i could make it now last longer with a vaporizer.
  7. Definitely. Vaporizers are more efficient and don't smell nearly as bad.
  8. alright thanks for info. i am trying now to find best deal on da buddha. it seems that every site has a differant price. i'm trying to find one with a bag and a grinder included for under 170.
  9. Check ebay man, I got my $300 vape for 200 on there.
  10. Well if your really looking to be stealthy you should look into the magic flight launch box

    Works damn good for me!
  11. I love my VaporBrothers, but there's something you need to keep in mind with any whip-style vape:

    As you grind/crush/stir/pack your herb, and as the screens clog up, the draw becomes more difficult, and, as a result, slower. This has the effect of raising the vaporization temp on any passive air vape.

    This can make combustion occur at knob positions that wouldn't normally give you a problem. If you absolutely, positively must guarantee that you don't burn, your best bet is a balloon-style vaporizer.

    To meet your price range, it might be worthwhile to go the heat gun + bowl adapter route.

    This also has a side benefit in something like a college dorm, as the heat gun can then be kept safely and only the bowl adapter and bags are contraband.

  12. I've only used a heat gun once at a friends house and, maybe it just wasn't a nice one but the hits kind of sucked. So, bag vaporizers are safer? Are they as efficent though? I looked at herbaliare and it has bag, whip, and direct draw but it was 250. Is there any bag vaps under 200 that are good?

  13. If efficiency is super important to you, the two MOST efficient vapes on the planet is the Purple Days and the Myrtlezap. Any of the whip based vapes including the Buddha aren't even close. But, if you are dead set on getting the Buddha, than buy the mini-whip from VaporBros in that it will increase the efficiency of the Buddha.

    Bag vapes are not more efficient than whip vapes, but they are easier to use in that there is virtually no learning curve. The most efficient bag/whip combo vape on the market is the HerbalAire.

    Hope this helps.

    ps, btw, if you are concerned about leaving the MyrtleZap or Purple Days out, they both come with an aromatherapy cup and you could easily say that this is what it is. There have been numerous stories of people getting busted and the cops confiscated everything EXCEPT the Purple Days/Myrtlezap vape because it doesn't look like anything one would get high from.

    One other thing to consider. Due to the very small bowl on the Purple Days or the Zap, they will smell a whole bunch less than a Budhha, although any vape will smell less than smoking a bong.
  14. the myrtlezap does look perfect because i have used a purple days and love it and the only main differance is myrtlezap has brass and pd doesn't but that doesn't really bother me. it was my first choice but then i didn't know if it would be possible to leave it out 24/7.
    i have tubing that i was wondering if i could connect the myrtlezap to a glass bong? i know it would probably descrease efficency but hitting it through a glass bong with water and ice sounds awesome.
    thanks for the responses guys. but with the myrtlezap, i cant really bring it over to a friends house and use it with a group of people right? because of the small bowl size and the half an hour heating up time.
    is the magic flight launch box close to the effiency of the myrtlezap? and could i have like 3 to 5 people have a pretty big session without having to recharge it for 8 hours?

  15. I hit my Purple Days thru my bong every time I use it. No need for tubing. The stems fit perfectly in the downstem.

    True. The Zap is a personal vape. If one wants to use a vape as a party vape, a vape that uses a bag as a delivery system would be the best choice.

    The LaunchBox is a portable that is really best used as a personal portable. If you want a portable to use in a party situation, the Iolite would be the better choice. Regarding efficiency, the Myrtlezap along with the Purple Days are quite a bit more efficient than the LaunchBox, or any other vape, for that matter.
  16. thanks for the responses iwein. usaully i smoke by myself in the morning and at night monday to thursday then on weekends im with other people and usually not at my house.
    im glad that i could use it with a bong because that sounds sick. and i could always vap by myself then smoke on weekends with friends. the myrtlezap isn't portable and isn't a party vap but the efficency is so good that i think i should get it.
    the main reason i want a vaporizer is for effiency so i should get the best one for that. and if it as efficent as everyone says ill save enough money to then buy magic flight launch box.
    with the myrtlezap will one ounce last longer than if i got around 2 and a half and just got a small bong or spoon pipe smoking two times a day? because if the answer is yes then i will definitly buy it but if its barely gonna save any then i might as well just smoke it all.
  17. All I can tell you is this. When I went from smoking a bong to my first vape, a VaporGenie, my consumption was cut in half. When I went from my VaporGenie to my Buddha, my consumption remained the same as with the VaporGenie. When I went from the Buddha to the Purple Days, my consumption was AGAIN, cut in half.

    With the MyrtleZap, you will get 4 to 5 hits from a mere 0.025g (1/40th of a gram).
  18. Lol thanks. That's awesome. Thank you. Do you need a grinder for it to work?

  19. You want the grind to be fairly fine. Not fine like powder, but fine like coarse ground pepper. For that, I would highly recommend a high quality 2pc grinder. A 4pc grinder won't grind your bud fine enough unless you turn it upside down, which presents other problems.

    I would look at both the SpaceCase 2 pc grinders as well as the Cosmics.
  20. Thanks Iwein. I can get myrtlezap, grinder, thick glass on glass bong, and an o and a half of dank sour diesal all together for 550. Not bad lol. Thanks everyone for the advice.

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