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    Hey guys, I've been lurking here on and off for years now. Actually this website is where the grand majority of my toking knowledge came from :)

    I used to smoke for about 2 years in college, anywhere from once a month to twice a week, depending on the circumstances. I also had to take some lengthy breaks due to summer & winter breaks from school, etc. But as I was approaching the middle of my junior year, I quit in order to be clean for potential internships.

    Now I've been working full-time for about a year and a half now and am fairly well-established in a position within my field of choice.

    I've been in a long-term relationship for about 3 years now. My boyfriend used to be super sketched out by weed (not because of its effects or anything-- just because of the legality factor), but over time as I've told him stories of my high experiences, and his best friend has talked about toking occasionally, etc... he's way less nervous about it. In fact, he actually kind of wants to try it with me!

    So. We live in a small apartment in a medium-sized complex. Our building contains 12 apartments total, 4 per floor, and we're on the 3rd floor. We don't really know any of our neighbors too well, but they seem polite enough. I will also note that I've smelled weed coming from an apartment across the street several times while walking my dog. But I DO live in the same building as the landlord... although he's on the first floor.

    I'd prefer to get a dry herb vaporizer rather than another glass bowl. The main reason is to minimize the smell. But another big reason is our overall lung health.

    Long story short, these are my priorities in order of importance:
    1. Minimized smell
    2. Cost
    3. Size
    4. Taste
    5. Ease of use
    6. Durability
    7. Conservation of herb

    Smell - I know that no vaporizer is completely odorless, but I'd prefer one that leaks as little odor as possible-- and obviously one that uses convection vs. conduction heating. I will be exhaling through a sploof/Smoke Buddy though, with a fan blowing the vapor through a half-open window. I'll also have an Ona gel, Ozium to spray afterwards, and maybe even some incense to light before/during the session.

    Cost - I'm on a budget for sure. I would LOVE to set a $150 limit, but understand that that may not be a reasonable price for a decent piece. $200 and under is still alright, and I will consider up to $250... but again, around $150 would be the sweet spot for me. If you know of anything that is a bit out of my price range, but currently has a sale or a discount coupon, please let me know!

    Size - I would prefer something portable. Not a vape "pen" necessarily, but something that could easily be tucked away and concealed inconspicuously in a small apartment. Maybe like as big as a walkie-talkie or smaller? I dunno. Definitely something that could fit inside a shoebox. The smaller the better, as long as it fits the more important criteria.

    Taste - I used to have nice, clean hits from my glass piece. I would definitely prefer something without a chemical/plastic taste. Hopefully glass?

    Ease of Use - I understand that most vaporizers have a learning curve, but again, I haven't tokes in years, and my boyfriend is a newbie!

    Durability - Self-explanatory. Shit breaks, it happens, but I'd prefer my purchase to last at least a couple of years if not more, especially if it's on the pricier side. This is assuming that I take good care of it, am careful not to drop it, clean it every now and then, etc.

    Conservation of Herb - Definitely a perk, but this is NOT top priority. I plan on vaping twice a week tops, but probably even less.

    Sorry for writing a "book" but I've seen many of these recommendation topics go off-topic due to the OP not bothering to list exactly what he's looking for. So hopefully this helps :)


    PS: What differences should I expect between a vape high and a smoke high? I actually really enjoyed the "couch lock" heavy body high of smoking, but I didn't like the fact that I would fall asleep just a couple hours later...
  2. I just got an ascent. It is in the 250 range. It has a glass lined ceramic bowl and glass passage way. It is portable and can be used when charging. It came with an attacement for a bong and a car and wall charger.
  3. That's definitely one of the vapes I've been looking at... I just wish it was cheaper! :/ But I do like the sound of the glass/ceramic parts. Seems like a really nice size too, and quite sleek. I don't plan to have a bong for quite some time (until I'm no longer renting), but the chargers & ability to use while charging are definite pluses :) Thanks for your input!
  4. The vapir no2 has the same capabilities of charging and using at the same time.
    Around $100 least than the accent too.
    At least here.
    You should check it out
  5. lol n02. I didnt think people even used those old pieces of junk anymore.
  6. How strong of a smell do the Ascent or N02 give off?
  7. Wanting a portable pretty much knocks out most of what I would recommend to best fit your other needs but I would look in to the ascent, pinnacle pro, indica, mflb. and firewood if I were you.
    Definitely look for sales. I know davinci will match any authorized dealer on an ascent. Cheapest place to get an authorized pinnacle pro is ebay from theyoyokid for $160.Mass drop has nice deals if your in to that kind of buying.  Just make sure where ever you buy it from to check that they are authorized dealer.
    I wouldnt worry much about smell if you use a smoke buddy with a vaporizer.
  8. For $100 its pretty great actually.
    For a budget entry level vape. Not bad
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    I just use my no2 for bong use only. I like the old piece of junk. As far as the ascent smell it has a sent all vapes will but not that bad that a fresh brewed pot of coffee wont cover.
  10. Wow thanks a ton, that's all really good stuff to know. I guess I should say that it doesn't necessarily HAVE to be a portable... just on the smaller side :) Portable size is just a preference I suppose. But I will note that when looking into smaller desktop units, I really don't want to deal with those plastic bags... I'd much prefer something more simple.

    Some extra noob questions: Is there an easy way to verify an authorized dealer? (Besides weeding out eBay listings that are obviously knockoffs etc.) And obviously this probably differs between retailers, but is packaging generally pretty discrete? My landlord would probably have to sign for any packages that come in while I'm at work.
  11. Thanks man!! Yeah I definitely don't expect to find anything completely odorless, and I've heard that vaping smells much different than smoking... I saw some people suggest making popcorn to mask the smell, but I'm not the biggest fan of popcorn personally. Coffee, however... that's right up my alley ;)
  12. If you looking at butane-powered then Hammer is good.

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    Train Insane or Remain The Same.
  13. I am not a fan of popcorn either. I found when I cook it can be enough to hide the smell in the house. I think you would even be fine turning on the stove fan and vaping close to it. Since you don't have to hide it from anyone in your apartment you will be fine.
  14. So after doing some more research and hearing your opinions, I think my main choices are (in no particular order):
    - Firefly ($270-- but I found a 20% off coupon that would make it ~$215)
    - DaVinci Ascent ($250)
    - Arizer Solo ($225)
    - VaporBlunt Pinnacle Pro ($230-- but POTatoHead mentioned a legit source selling for $160)
    - Firewood ($115)
    - Indica ($200)

    Note: I'm not really interested in the MFLB ($120) because it looks like it would be more of a hassle to share with my boyfriend and/or our friends than the other options listed. Plus, I won't be vaping in public, so I don't necessarily need to be THAT stealthy. I'm also not interested in a Ploom Pax based upon my research.

    So it looks like I will probably have to spend a bit outside of my comfort zone, but hey, that's better than buying cheap junk that would need replacing within a few months.

    If anyone has experience with more than one of the options listed, could you please describe a comparison between the two? It would be much appreciated!!

    Also, the prices I listed are the MSRP from each company's website, unless otherwise noted. I have no idea where to begin looking for cheaper sources that are actually legit authorized resellers, so please point me in the right direction if you know of some good sources :) And I am stil up for additional suggestions as well!
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    If it were me, I'd go with the FireFly (love convection based vapes)  but in all honesty, that's a pretty good list of portables and you'd probably be happy with any one of them.
  16. Best place for a solo is puffitup for $160. Just another hint on where to look for cheap prices.
    Besides the pricing, Randy at PuffItUp gives the absolute best customer service on the planet, during the sale.............and after.
  18. I have the ascent , MFLB, NO2 and the pax for portables. If you have questions on any I would be happy to try and help.
  19. Thank you!! I only ever bought supplies from a local head shop in town, so I have trouble determining which sources are legit... but the two shops closest to me only carry White Rhino and other cheap pens :/ Bur I'll definitely check that site out.

    How easy is the Ascent to use for a total newbie to vapes? And was I kinda correct in my assumptions about the MFLB? (I'm sure it works awesome for stealthy toking though! I just don't plan to stealth smoke in public, or smoke by myself.)
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    My wife uses the Arizer extreme. It has digital temp and heats up quick. Glass bowl. Maybe not a big deal but it has a tube and a remote. I don't smoke at all. I can't smell anything, my daughter said she can but I think she is smelling the dank we grew. It's real strong.

    1 prob a little more $$ than you want to spend. Good reviews. My wife loves it. I think it's right outside what you want to spend. Reliable for daily use. If you are going to use it once a month I would go cheaper since the benefit vs cost might not make sense

    2 and like I said it's pretty reliable. The heating element is getting weak. But the heating element has lifetime warranty on it. Since my wife uses it daily we are trying to figure this out on when to send it out and what backups we have. You have to mail it out and they will change the part for free. Probably be without for a couple of weeks.

    3 we store it in the original box. Not huge but not "portable" either

    4 taste. My wife says it is smooth.

    5. Very efficient use of herbs. Almost no waste with very good extraction

    6 easy to clean glass and plastic tubing. We use grunge.

    We have had it for over two years of daily use. My wife swears by it.

    We have a magic flight for portable use. It's harsher but real tiny. Less than 1/3 the size of a pack of cigs.

    We saw a real nice one in Denver but it was $300. Real actuate temp. Heats up in seconds and was sleek and portable.

    My take is get one of the small tabletops like the Arizer. It's worth the money. When the true portables get more reasonable then get that. My wife tried the pen and while it worked the stuff that is in it bothered her throat and lungs.

    Fyi my wife has a MMJ card for migraines. Small daily MJ use keeps her migraines all but in check. My wife uses the machine daily but it so efficient she uses very little. She doent really use it to get high so your use might be higher but I know she uses less than what she used in a joint with better and cleaner results.

    We burn incense while she uses but I don't think you're I have to. Nag champa and superhit smells soooooo good though.

    Hope that helps.

    Ps the remote is awesome. Set the temp (we started with 230) and you go up to extract more. The lower temp you use the smoother hit you get, but It has to be high enough for extraction. Then one other button for The fan to take a hit. Simple and easy to use. All durable glass that is easy to clean. Plastic tube with glass mouthpiece. My wife has broken one glass part but like I said earlier she uses it a lot. Easy to replace from the company (glass not warrantied)

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