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    Hi I know the vaporizer I want to purchase I have always really liked the SSV .. I went to a smoke shop near my apartment and really wanted to purchase a desktop vape and allot of them are 250 and up.. And I'm a broke college student haha so can't buy that right now. They had some others that where similar to other desktop vapes but not name brand like some that look like the volcano that where like $120 or smaller box ones with a whip.. They told me that these are just as good as those other name brand popular vapes and work the same. Is this true? Or are they just trying to push product. Note a few headshops have told me this. Anyone know if this is true? Or anything about off brand vapes?

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  2. Da Buddha vape sounds good for you

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  3. That's about $180 right? .. I was mainly just wondering if these off brand vapes work as well as the more popular versions of them.

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  4. Buy a buddha off will save alot. I got mine for 120 in like new condition.
  5. DaBudda is a pretty good unit and if your looking to spend even less for a simple whip-style vaporizer, the hot box might be worth looking at. Have a good one.
  6. Da buddha is great man but is kind of a bud hogger. I would get the e-nano log vape if i was you

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    People have raised concerns about some of the off brand vapes. Toxic paints and plastics burning in them and causing problems. Besides this you are always better off spending a little extra to get a well known quality product. The Da Buddha lasts peoples years and it is well reviewed. There is a good chance you will actually save money in the long run and you will have a more pleasurable experience by going with something more well known. Im not American but Im pretty sure I have heard people saying they bought da buddhas for $150, which isnt far off the price you give. 
    This is one of those things where a little extra money can go a long way and is 100% worth it
  8. As the poster above me said, off brand vapes can give off harmful chemicals that can permanently damage your lungs if you use them for awhile. I know this blade had 3 knockoff vapes and got Multiple Chemical Sensitivity. He can tell you from firsthand experience that it is not fun at all. Save up your money to get a known vaporizer, and you will save a LOT more (hospital bills > $100 more for a well known vape that will last helluva lot longer). :D
  9. Just got a dabudda its amazing 5 stars

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    I think he already purchased a vaporizer.    He asked this question 10 months ago.
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    I would hope he did.

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  12. For a portable, you can pick up an No2 on ebay for pretty cheap (~$90), and it's a great vape, esp for a first vape.
    For a desktop, I'd recommend an E-Nano for $200. It isn't the cheapest vape, but it is one of the most efficient. ~0.1g (0.05-0.4g) should be able to get you baked, and do so in a much safer (health-wise) way than smoking. You'll probably save a lot on bud. 
    Also, if you want, you can pick up a GonG attachment (14/19mm) and pair it with a lot of glass pieces, for a much better experience, and huge clouds or cool vapor.
    Also, DO NOT believe them (esp those selling vapes), when they say that the cheaper vapes are all as good as the good brand name ones. With vapes, you tend to get what you paid for, so don't skimp. That's not to say that the most expensive ones are always the best, but the cheap knock off ones are almost always the worst.

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