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Vaporizer Efficiency

Discussion in 'Vaporizers' started by koggit, Jul 18, 2009.

  1. I feel like I'm not getting as much out of my bud as I've heard. From about a bowl's worth, after 3 good (big) hits, it's sorta brownish.. those 3 hits seem to be about 75% of the bowl. i can get high off of 3 hits from a freshly loaded whip, but not what's left if i smoke the remains. So I think I'm getting about the equivalent of 4 big hits from .3g - .5g.. i read about a guy getting 87 hits from .5g but that just seems impossible unless taking tiny tiny hits each time..
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    Something is being done wrong.

    I get 20 hits from 0.1g

    10 hits in the bud is tan colored. 20 hits in its dark tan and brown. The last 5 or so hits do make very thin vapor, but this vapor starts to taste dry and hay-ish.
    Also remember, I need to take 4-5 vape hits for the equivalent effect of one bong hit. After the 20 vape hits I feel like I took a nice 3 bong hits.

    Make sure you're using a grinder, or otherwise breaking up the herb as much as possible, you want it to be almost a rough powder.
  3. Thanks, that helps, I'm gonna try turning down the heat a bit. I'm using a VaporBros just shy of 12 o'clock, I'll try turning it closer to 10 and drawing less/slower.

  4. I use mine at 12-1 oclock, and in the off position its at 5 oclock.

    Where is your off position? I hear its different on most VBs so it makes the heat setting different.
  5. Yeah, mine's about the same (off is around 4 or 5).. maybe it's my draw speed then? dunno... though I tried a lot of different draw speeds, ranging from as fast as i could to pretty slow, didn't notice much of a difference in the effect it had on discoloring the herb

    maybe it's just because this herb is so incredibly dry.. i'm also gonna try some different herb in a couple days, which i wouldn't expect to be so dry, maybe that'll help

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