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Vaporizer bong?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by kman418, May 12, 2010.

  1. so i have a vape and a bong, whats the advantages to vapeing thou a bong? does it taste less like burnt popcorn? get you higher?
  2. Tastes like, well me at least. Its also a different high then if just burning through the bond more cerebral IMO.
  3. Using a vape has the advantage of not making you so chokey later on, no real cotton mouth, or at least not bad cotton mouth,, it doesn't have that dense-ness to it, (no water to go through like in a bong), and also, tends to typically hit harder. I personally favor the vape over thbong, sine im a heavy vape user for the past 3-4 yrs now.

    bong over vape- typically is cheaper, though there are cheap vapes nad expensive bongs, likelihood though is, dollar for dollar, you get what you pay for for ma vape, a bong, you never know really, and sometimes you ned to breka it in a bit,, vape is good to go fro mthe first hit to the neverending last hit.
  4. Anybody else think the idea of a vaporizer bong would be amazing? :smoking:
  5. i've never had the priviledge of using one of those attachments, or one of those mini gimmicks that heat some area adjacent to the bowl to produce vapor. It's my scientific and engineering opinion that these devices would be an utter failure resulting only in deep disappointment. I may be wrong, but, my advice for you young bucks is to stop being cheapos and go out and get a vaporizer. There are so many models. Although they don't seem to be available these days, the best were the economical affordable and effective globe dome vaporizers. Head-shop employees trying to push the new generation of whip models--which are actually inferior--got rid of the globe dome vaporizers and don't speak of them anymore. Personally, I think this is a travesty beyond words. But anyways, globe dome vaporizers, or then you're gonna have to shell out more money for the real goodies (volcano, iolite, etc.). But even now, you should be able to get a whip model for real cheap.

    Vaporizer advice
    for medicinal patients
  6. I've used a vaporized hooked up to a bong once.. it was sweet. instead of a mouthpiece on the whip theres an attachment that goes down the downstem of the bong and then the whip is like the slide.. i don't know why it worked so well, but I thought it was awesome. it was cool seeing the chamber fill up with vapor then clear it real fast

  7. i vape through my bong every day...i have a vapor brothers vape and hook it up to my 14 mm ground glass bong attachment...
    first, to op, TURN DOWN YOUR TEMP!!! if yojr vape is tasting like burnt popcorn your temp is too high, but the main differences i see in vaping through the bong, rather than just the whip, is the vapor is cooler, you still get the fun of taking big ass bong rips, and the flavor is probably a little less than through the whip, not by much thoughh...
    hoow that helps
  8. i have a digital vape and i usually put it on 315-320 what temp should i use?

    im gonna order an adapter and see what its like
  9. @kman What kind of vape are you using and are you sure the settings for the temp are in Fahrenheit and not Celsius?
  10. Its a Digi-Vapor, whip kind, and the display has a Fahrenheit symbol
  11. I think that the calibration must be off on the temp try turning it way down start at around 150 and take hits every few minutes bumping it up by a few degrees untill you start tasting your bud and seeing vapor it should taste exactly how it smells.
    Oh and I did a quick search or your vape and this is what the guys at vapenow said

    Digi-Vapor Digital Vaporizer
    Unfortunately quality control was not addressed when this vaporizer was designed. The Digi-Vapor Digital Vaporizer DOES NOT WORK.

    The staff of used this vaporizer, over and over and tried everything to get it to work.

    But alas, we were never able to produce vapor from the Digi-Vapor Digital Vaporizer.
    Was it simply the Digi-Vapor Digital Vaporizer we tested over and over again wasn't working, maybe just a broken vaporizer.

    So we tried a another brand new Digi-Vapor Digital Vaporizer and low and behold same results. No Vapor.

    So no vapor and an awful taste most likely benzene, toluene and napthaline from the sub standard heating element used.

    We're not quite sure why the Digi-Vapor Digital Vaporizer was ever released to the public. It never worked. The people making them and selling them OBVIOUSLY never even use their own vaporizers. If they did they couldn't in good conscience sell them, now could they?

  12. damn that sucks to her about your vape:/ but thats why hose ebay vapes are kinda sketchy, yea they are cheap, but you have no idea what the heating element is made of or if it will work...but if yours does produce vapor than keep usin it til it stops working and check out for good vaporizers and very in depth reviews
  13. lol if you have a 2 hosed hookah, that doesnt have the stupid ball deep inside so it cant be removed, the whip of a silver surfer fits into it, and when you puff from the other hose, it pulls from hte hookah and surfer, infusing the hookah smoke with vapor, totally intense if you do it right....
  14. #15 kman418, May 12, 2010
    Last edited by a moderator: May 12, 2010
    $150 from the hempest, nawt cool

    edit: just used it at 275, ALOT better, maybe the dials off or something

  15. damn that really sucks...i got my vaporbros for 150 and the thing is incredible it is such a nice box vape for a great price...oh well shit happens i hope your vape still works though i would hate to see someone spend so much for a product that doesnt work

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