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  1. I already have a Magic Flight Launch Box, which I love, but it can be annoying to run out of batteries if I'm not home. Has anyone used a VaporGenie before? It would be a lot easier to just need a lighter rather than charged batteries.

  2. The VG was my very first vape.   Was able to produce huge vapor clouds at will.   The only think I didn't like about it was it had a bit of a woody taste.
  3. My lungs appreciate VaporGenie and it has worked faithfully by following the directions. The bowl holds a perfect amount to get me sufficiently high. The only thing that bother me is that weed is heated by flame which causes the temperature to be harder control and increases the chances of burning it.
  4. I really like the vapor genie. As others have said it can produce some very very nice vapor. If your interested in butane powered vaporizers check out the hammer, lotus, and daisy as well. None are necessarily better than the vapor genie just food for though you know.
  5. When you burn the weed would it harm the actual piece? I don't mind smoke every once in a while but I definitely dont wanna be buying new ones every so often either.
    Smoking out of ANY vaporizer is not a good idea.
  7. Just had a look on Amazon UK for the Vaporgenie and they are only £36.  Might just treat myself to one :)
    Quick question first though; Is the butane and vapor path separate? i.e. any butane taste? 
  8.  Separated by a ceramic filter but not as separate as say a Lotus.    Mine never exhibited a butane taste.........just a bit of a woody taste.
  9. Thanks for that Iwien,  I'll get one ordered to add to my collection. 
    Be careful though.      Did ya see what happened to me when I first hit the VG?
  11. I did! lol 
    Just ordered one, should be here on Thursday.  I'm all excited with the VAS now..
  12. I paid £37.50 or about $59 for the original maple VG which also comes with a cleaning kit and spare mouthpiece and screens and shipping.  Thought that was a good price.  Looking forward to drawing on it :)
    Ok, here's a few tips.
    Don't use a torch.   Use a regular flame lighter like a Bic.   Hold the lighter at a 45 degree angle over the lip of the vape and slowly inhale.   As you inhale, the flame should flow over the lip and into the vape.   You only want the flame to dip into the vape about a quarter to half an inch.     What you don't want to do is to allow the flame to touch the ceramic filter.
    With a bit of practice, you'll be blowing out clouds.
  14. Thanks for the tips.  I'm looking forward to seeing how it compares to my Lotus.
    I would tend to think that the Lotus is a better vape.
  16. I mean if you happen to accidentally combust is the vape going to break? In the MFLB a little combustion doesn't hurt so I'm wondering if the genie is equally durable
    With the VG, you don't want soot buildup on the ceramic filter so it's best not to get into combustion ranges or allow the flame of the lighter to touch the filter.
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    :laughing:   Well, at least he didn't suggest getting a Volcano. 

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