Vaporgenie and mflb - worth getting both?

Discussion in 'Vaporizers' started by Jaffleiron, May 3, 2011.

  1. I'm new on here, so I'll say hello, good to meet you, etc :) I have been looking over the vaporgenie and the mflb lately. They both look pretty awesome, but for different reasons. I like the idea of just being able to grab the vape pipe whenever I wanted a hit, but the mflb looks infinitely better for sharing with friends, etc. I think I might buy both. I have the money at the moment. Would that be a waste, or worth it? Anyone else have both? I'm new to vapes, by the way.
  2. Here's my opinions on the 2:

    I have a vaporgenie. I don't use it often though. The bowl is small and I have high tolerance but it works good once you figure it out. It has a bit of a learning curve but after playing with it I could get pretty fatty vape rips surprisingly. You can toast a bowl in 1 rip. Anyways its cheap and simple but not amazing.

    Never owned a MFLB but they seem to work pretty well according to most people who buy them. They seem pretty overpriced but if you don't mind spending the money then it could be a good investment. Very discrete and easy to use.
  3. I don't recommend getting the VaporGenie, I've had poor experiences and heard about even worse.

    MFLB is great for stealthy operations, but I really wouldn't suggest it as a group smoking device.

    Unless you have a ton of batteries, but still, something like a VaporBrothers or Da Buddha would be better for that. But more $$$
  4. Both good vapes, but to answer your question, no, it's not worth getting both. They're both portables but because of their learning curves, they're not the best for sharing between friends unless you want to spend some time and waste some bud in the process in teaching them.

    If you want a portable to share a portable amongst friends, the Iolite, in my opinion, would be the better choice because it takes all the user errors out of the equation.

    The Buddha and the VaporBros mentioned above are great home vapes, but they're not portables, nor are they the best for sharing amongst friends for the same reasons. For home use, a better option for party use would be a vape that uses a bag as a delivery system, like the Volcano, the HerbalAire or the Extreme.
  5. dont get either
  6. I'm considering a vaporgenie for the following reason [ame=]YouTube - VaporGenie Vaporizer[/ame]

    Easy conversion to vapebong. I'll take a learning curve for that price and even if you don't like it, it'll pay itself off after a 1/4. If vapeing is as conservative as i've read on GC (+33% longevity of weed, in my little weed rpg life).

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