vaporbros vaporizer appreciation thread

Discussion in 'Vaporizers' started by lessthanjeezy, Jan 25, 2010.

  1. this thread is for all of you proud vaporbrothers owners...please only post if you own a vaporbros or have used one and found out how great they can be..

    with that said, feel free to post pics, any tips and tricks you may have found out when using your vaporbros, or anything else you want to say about your vaporizer:smoke:

    personally, i own the dark coffee hands free version and i love it...i am saving up to get the new ez change whip kit but there i nothing i dislike about my of my favorite parts has to be that sweet sweet "honey"(in the words of my boy kadsbaker)
  2. VB handsfree for me!!!!!!:yay:
  3. I love putting the whip into a tube and vapebong it.

    sometimes when the whip was kind of full(before the EZ whip kit) I'd put the vaporizer on high and hit it without any herb in the whip. Got some big hits.
  4. A good trick is to put a book underneath the VaporBros so that the heater is at a 90 degrees angle.

    For those who don't have to vape much to get stoned (just barely covering the screen), the angle allows cannabis to fall into the heater unit and burn. If you fill up the wand, I've heard this is not as much of a problem.
  5. I have one. Regular color hands-free version. Love it. One of the best weed investments I've made. I should use it more than I do, but it's hard to say no to the roor. :p

    In fact, I'm gunna use it tomorrow morning to start the day.
  6. does kads have a GC account? he should
  7. yeah kads does. I think its "kadsbaker", awesome dude.
  8. Hook up the VB to the RooR. Best of both worlds.:)
  9. Bought a Vapor Bros Deluxe Daddy about 8-9 months ago.

    One of the best buys ive ever made.

    I love it, couldnt live without it haha.

    I never understood how to connect a bong to the vape, do I need an extra piece?
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    I do have the attachment, in fact, that is usually how I vape.

    I should have said "its hard to say no to a nice milky rip." :p

    Yeah look on the vapor bros website under specialty items. Can't miss 'em...
  11. VB is quality for under 200. How could you not love it. ^_^

  12. yea you need a glass adapter for the bong...although i have never heard of a vapor bros deluxe daddy ad its not on there there any difference between that and a regular vapobros or is that possibly a knockoff? just curious

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