Vapor Vs. Smoke

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  1.  I suppose we can all agree vapor is healthier, but whether or not the high is exactly the same seems to be a controversial matter. While the growers debate whether or not flushing and curing are important, we can debate whether or not vaporizing is better than smoking. I can't say for sure, but the few joints I've smoked haven't seemed to produce a superior high to my vaporizer. I could never appreciate a good long smoke session because it was so harsh, but I can get stoned to the bone with a vape (2 grams in one sitting if it's a good day) because the vapors are so clean.
    I don't know about everyone else, but combined with the harsh feeling smoke has on my lungs and throat, that's proof enough for me. Even if smoking produces a better high, it does so at the expense of your health...and to me that's not worth it. It's like saying I'll drink Kool-aid instead of grape juice, because it tastes better.
    What do yall think?

  2. I get higher off of less weed when I vaporize compared to smoking. That is the only reason I made the full switch to vapor only. Smoking is just a waste of weed to me any more.
  3. flushing and curing are important :p.
    And I prefer vapes in certain situations..If there's stuff I need to get done it's the way to go. Vapes definitely offer a much more clean high.
    Of course if you really are looking for a heavy stone, you can still achieve it with a vape, you just need to be more conscious of what strain you're smoking and set the temps a little higher to vape more of the cbds.
    and ultimately how well your vape works depends on the model you have.
    But then sometimes there's nothing quite like hitting a nice icy bong. Videogames, books, movies, etc. a nice joint is the way to go.
    Basically speaking, I don't champion one side or the other, but rather love that they both have their place.
  4. I think that too. Like when I first get my smoking friends stoned on a vape, they are amazed. One guy straight up fainted in the middle of a discussion, and he was out for 2 hours. That's fucking high, higher than a bong usually gets you.
    What gets me though is after a while they start saying stuff like "the vape is wasteful", "it doesn't get me as high as a bong", or "the high is of different quality". What do you say to guys like this? Maybe they're just getting used to it, but they really insist smoking is better. W/e to each his own...I'm not going to try to convince him of something I'm unsure of.
  5. I prefer vapor cus smoking just waste too much material and the smoke high is very short compared to when u vaporize.Also smoking burns my lungs and throat making me all wheezy which kills my high
  6. I agree smoking kills your lungs. But what do you say to the bros who insist vaping is wasteful and a shorter/lesser high?
  7. well they're either trolling or stupid. Vaping conserves weed(less weed for the same effect, AND you can then make edibles out of the ABV), and as long as you're moderately healthy, the high lasts longer.

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