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Vapor Blunt

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Bobias, Nov 21, 2011.

  1. So i just went to pick up a half oz at my guys house and on the way back i decided to stop into my lhs to see what was new. Well it turns out that my headshop owner is good friends with the inventor of a brand new vaporizer called the Vapor Blunt which was just released to market about a week ago. So in return for the friendship our headshop became one of the first in the entire eastern US to sell them.

    They are normally $260-300 but because they know the inventor and got them cheaper they could sell it for $200. Let me tell you that this is by far the greatest vape i have ever used. I have used the MFLB, Volcano, and Iolite before and none of them even come close to the ease of use and quality of this vape. This is the first vaporizer that i have ever used that gave me full clouds of pure vapor. The taste is unbelievable like it should be with all vaporizers, plus it comes with removable flavored tips(hence the word blunt being in the title). This vaporizer gets a 10/10 in my book, but you will have to try it out for yourself to truly understand how amazing of a vape it is.

    Here is a picture of it, and you can check out more info about it at Vapor Blunt
  2. How is it powered?

  3. Gasoline.
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    The website doesnt say anything about the unit. What kind of heating element? How long does the battery charge last? Why is it better than other portable vapes?

    The one year warranty is the biggest turn-off, almost every other reputable vape company backs their products for either 3 years or life.

    The white ones look cool. It would be sick if they made like "blunt" coloured ones and used like a textured plastic so it looks kind of like a blunt
  5. i was thinking that too wheen i read the title
  6. This thing seems pretty damn cool, but way out of my price range for what it is. That's money that could be used for an oz or two!

    edit: you should consider doing a more in-depth review (or linking to one) in the first post.
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    Battery life is great. It easily lasts for 4-5 full sized bowls. Probably would last about an hour not plugged in.

    I haven't had long enough to be able to give it a full review yet. Maybe in a week. Here is a link to a thread on FC talking about it more in depth.

    The beginning of page 3 has a breakdown of its specific qualities.
  8. Thanks for the link, I'll check it out :)
  9. sick thanks man
  10. this thing is awesome. My bro got one and phewwwwww it blows me away compared to any other vape and i normaly never put a good word in for vapes Im a bong guy.
  11. You can get them for like $170 now, but they are super efficient. The spent vape is EVEN dark brown with ZERO burning no matter how hard you push it. The taste is incredible, if you have MFLB you will realize vape tastes like doodoo and popcorn coming out of the MFLB. You can taste floral and citrusy tastes from your bud in the VB.

  12. Ok, not brand new and not recently released, my friend has one and has had it for a while. and you didnt get a deal, they normally sell for 200. i will agree though that the taste is amazing and so is the high.
  13. when the original guy posted this, it was nearly a year ago so obviously its more cheaper now. and I was just wondering if anyone knew if the vapor blunt is compatible with wax and other concentrates?

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