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  1. I just got my Vapir One. 5.0 last night and my friend and i packed three "disks" worth of some shitty mids. Well, after figuring out how it works, we began messin' around with the tempurature and leaving it around 345/375 for the bags. Fuck, it is a handy piece of machinery! (momma was asleep in the livng room and we "vaped out" in my room). Overall......

    • I got pretty high (so did my friend, who smokes more than me)
    • It seems like it does not save much weed
    • Heats up pretty fast (2 minutes) and vaporizes quickly
    • There is a small leak
    • Kinda leaves a scent of bud (a shot of Lysol fixed this problem ;))

    Anybody have any tips for me (best tempurature, fixing the leak)? All comments are appreciated :smoke:. I plan on buying some turkey oven bags and a stand.
  2. i always start at 365 and work my way up in increments of 5 degrees. I never go higher than 380 though. It really depends on what kind of a high you're looking for. I have a volcano which also uses a bag and it leaks as well, I guess these things aren't 100% efficient. And yes my volcano STINKS up my room :p
  3. Some vapes are a helluva lot more efficient than others. Neither the Volcano or the Vapir are considered efficient vapes.

    What I don't understand though is that with all of the negative reports here as well as at other sites regarding Vapir products, why would one still want to purchase one?

  4. They're cheap. They're available at every headshop I've been to as well (don't have to order online). They market well. It comes with a bag, which is supposed to mimic the volcano. It looks cool as fuck considering you can hold it in your hands. Marketing a product that looks good vs. selling a good product are two different things.

    But yeah OP, same things. I used to start out pretty low (340s) and wait until I got nothing, and then kept going up slowly until I wasted everything. I enjoy smoking for longer periods over getting a lot in me in a small amount of time, so temperature matters a lot.

    As for leaking, that was a bitch as well. I remember that the fan speed was a huge factor in whether it leaked or not. I also remember removing the circular band that comes with the attachable head-whip thing. That actually locked it better in place for me.

    Also, put small amounts in the disk as well, and shake the Vapir when you feel as if you're not drawing as much.

    If its really bad, consider cutting the plastic whip a little bit so you don't have such long tubing that will take extra time to get into your mouth. Only small amounts of vapor can travel through the tube, so the longer it is, the longer it'll take to inhale. The vapor that you keep drawing in is "stored" is stored in the area above the disk. If it is there for too long, it can creep out.

    Where are your leaks exactly?
  5. I just got a Vapir NicoHale yesterday. I will experiment and let you know. It is practically new. It may be new because the original owner felt like he wasted his money. I will keep an open mind!

    Great day all!
  6. I have used it twice. I prefer the 'smoke' method. This doesn't get me any higher than a rock solid bong hit. I will sell it as soon as I can.


  7. Word. A few months later and I can't stand this thing. Some knuckle head is buying it for $90. I'm getting a Vaporbrothers instead. My friend let me borrow his and I loved it...
  8. It is sold and I actually made a tidy little profit! I will try vaping again but someone I know has to have a vape that I can use before I buy another.

  9. i use to have one it was te 2.0 i think te best temp is 180C then slowly increase it never turn it on more then medium, theres a trick between low and medium that puts it on ultra low.
  10. start at 335 and go to 350, your starting way too high for a vapir one
  11. I agree, I always do it at 340, that's the best range I find.

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