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  1. I Bought the Vapir No2, I never got it to work properly.  Get one good Vape and then the top screen would clog up....
    Looked at all the videos i could find to see what I might doing wrong. Tried all the tricks, and still no LUCK !!!
    I think i'm just out $150.00, that Hurts.....
    If anyone has any ideas I am open to all.   Thank you.

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    i use one and love it. every few days or so i clean everything for reuse. get a sandwhich ziplock bag, put some rubbing alcohol (no more than 1/4 of the bag ) and add about half of the amount you poured of alcohol with salt. then drop in the filters, the plastic mouth tube, the plastic top, the plastic cap inside the top that twists/locks and holds the top filter,  and just shake everything well for about 3 min. rinse everything with hot water and everything will be clean as new. ( i do this for all my glass pieces also)
    when you put everything back follow this video
    enjoy, I love mine!
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    keep the ziplock bag it can be used again over and over (until everything inside turns black/murky) then its time for a new bag. I clean my vapir once every 2/3 days with this method and the ziplock bags last about a week or 2 depending on how much i clean it. 
    for dry herbs set to 375 to 380 F
    for sticky herbs set to  383-390 F

    Anything over 390 and your just burning!
    Herb starts burning at 450ËšF, whatchu talking about...:D
  5. i was being sarcastic man.. lol 

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