vapir no2 and mflb

Discussion in 'Vaporizers' started by BlazeyBones9, Aug 16, 2012.

  1. whats up guys. ive been stuck on my decision of purchasing a new vaporizer. my local headshop sells both the mflb and vapir no2. ive done some researching, but honestly i cant make up my mind. just wondering what your guys opinions are on each of them, and if you can share any knowledge or tips about either. it would be greatly appreciated! i want a vape that will satisfy me, and i would say that i am a pretty heavy smoker, although i am on my 3rd day of not smoking for personal health reasons
  2. i've heard some weird/sketchy shit about the no2. I'd go with the MFLB
  3. thanks man. could i ask what you've heard about the no2 thats sketchy?
  4. Pm me if you want a reference to an incredible website that gives users tons of first hand reviews from honest vapor enthusiasts. This website is full of all information concerning all things vapor. I have used it in the past to help research all of my vaporizer purchases. Good luck deciding.

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