vaping with e-cig (e-cigarette, electronic cigarette) or alternatives to lighters?

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  1. I toke daily as of late, but I hate knowing the damage i'm doing to myself in the process. Butan, etc... what do i get from it? Cancer. That's it. I'd like to make butan a thing of the past.

    What's people's experience with e-cigs and bud? I don't see much about it on this forum or online in general.

    My understanding is that ecigs use some sort of 'liquid flavour cartridge'. Is it possible to vap dry bud with ecig? Or could i make hash and fill some empty cartridge? Anyone tried it?

    I want something portable like an electronic one-hitter vaporizer or e-cig that i can carry with me wherever and just pull from my pocket and hit. I'd like to keep the lighters for things which i don't inhale.

    If e-cigs don't work this way and there's no one-hitter vaporizer alternative available, what other methods are people using to get bud into their lungs, on the run, without a lighter?

    I don't want to be carrying around a full sized vaporizer, for obvious reasons. Nor do i care to carry around candles. There have got to be more options I just haven't heard of...
  2. try beeline, once you go beeline you never go back. Theres pocket vapes but theres no legitimate THC e-cig cartridges that ive heard of..
  3. There are vape pipes that look like kazoos.
    you put the bud in, then put something on top of it and light.
    it indirectly heats the bud so you get the vape effect.
    that are many handheld vaporizers out there.
    Iolite is one. looks like a walkie-talkie.
    just google handheld vaporizers and go to the shopping section.
    I'm there and I see plenty of options, even a new travel size one that I haven't even heard of lol.
    it looks collapsable
  4. good thing about iolite: yes, it's butane powered BUT it's not harmful. you just flick a switch wait for it to heat and when it stops making noise, you hit it.

  5. yeah its amazing. i have 1 of these and its very stealthy and convenient. takes 5 seconds to warm up and has a life time warranty
  6. I'll also pick me up some hemp wick too; looks good. Thanks for the advice!

  7. yessur use it every day. works perfectly man
  8. Well, f it. I just bought one. No need to wait for xmas! Thanks much for the advice! Happy tokin'!
  9. again, ALL combustion reactions give off is CO2 + H20 (which are both harmless). So the only way your inhaling C4H10 is if youre not catching it on fire.

  10. don't you mean if you are catching it on fire?
  11. Use mine 3x a day in the mflb is still working perfect after 8months. Mflb= bamf
  12. Won't work...... many have tried & you'll ruin the atty in a blink. Same goes for trying to use a tincture in it.

    Get yourself a lesser expensive MFLB or pay the price and get an Iolite (which I use and love).

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