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Vaping Question

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Toketoken420, May 15, 2011.

  1. Do you guys think a iolite vape will smell at all if i burn in my room?
  2. ....Yes.
  3. Ive used an Iolite vape in a car and it smelled like burnt popcorn.

    Yes it smells, but not so much like weed.
  4. The iolite is almost odorless, the MFLB however is totally odorless. Just blow the vapor out of your window to be safe.
  5. ive vaped 4 bowls outta thge iolite in my room. 10 mins later my mom came in and i talked with her and she didnt smell a thing. i just had my ceiling fan on low and it went away. open a window if you wanna be safe

  6. ok thanks im just gonna do it. i think its good though.
  7. #7 lwien, May 15, 2011
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    THAT is total bullshit. NO VAPE is totally odorless.

    While some vapes smell less than others, they ALL will smell. Does that mean that everyone will smell it? Nope. Lots of variables to consider, like how good is the bud, how sensitive is the other persons sense of smell, the ventilation in the room, etc, etc, etc, but please don't be lulled into a false sense of security because of some anecdotal evidence of someone saying that they're mom walked into the room and didn't smell anything.
  8. haha i hit it once and danked up the whole room....
  9. :hide:

  10. The MFLB is as odorless as you'll get. Mainly because it's heat source shuts off as soon as you let go of the battery - the power source. Make sure you have your fingers covering the draw hole and the hole in the back (intersecting the battery hole) to make sure no vapor escapes, then exhale into a towel or out the window. Practically no smell.
  11. While I agree that it produces less oder than the Iolite being that the heat source is not constantly being applied, again, I have to state that it is not oderless, nor is it the least odorless vape on the market. That has to go to the Purple Days, for two reasons. The bowl size is the smallest bowl of any vape on the planet, and it has a fixed vape temp so that you cannot go into the higher temp ranges, which produces more smell like you can with the LaunchBox.

    The basic thing to remember here is that ALL vapes smell and don't let anyone tell you that any particular vape doesn't, 'cause THAT could get you into some trouble.

    Exhaling out the window or into a towel like HS suggested above is good advice if you're concerned that others will pick up on what you're doing.

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