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Vaping Question

Discussion in 'Vaporizers' started by KKevin, May 29, 2009.

  1. I am picking up a vape pretty soon, and am getting some mixed info on one topic...i knoew GC could clear it up. With a vape, say a VB as thats what I am getting, do you have the heat set lower, and adjust it from low to high over the course of a hit, or take a few hits at one heat level and slowly raise it over the session? Thanks for any help everyone.
  2. I used to have an old box-style vape with hose/whip attachment....similar to the VB i guess. Anyway, I got a volcano recently to replace it and love it....what I usually do is start at a lower setting (5.5 for my volcano), and fill a bag or two. When you can see that the vapor isn't as dense anymore, just up the temperature a bit. It's a good idea to increase it a little after every successful bag.

    With hose/whip-style vapes, it's really hard to measure the amount of vapor you're getting, so your best bet is to watch it carefully through the glass whip. When you notice that the vapor is thinning/less vapor is being produced overall you should increase it. Once you get an idea of the right temperatures to use just increase the temperature slowly after a good amount of successful hits.
  3. thanks for the info. appreciate it.
  4. i own a VB and whay i do is set to high for afew minutes to heat it up, then i move the dial to 10 or 11 Oclock and slowly work my way up to about 1 oclock. i also stir the bowl up half way through.
  5. So you mean you start at 10-11 and slowly work the temp up throughout the hit, or throughot the entire smoking session?
  6. Entire smoking session. Thats what i do as well. I'd say 11 is the sweet spot on my vapor bros
  7. I agree that 10-11 oclock is perfect. However as I get to the end of a bowl I turn it up to max power (4:00) to get every last molecule of THC out. On my VB I can't burn the herb even on full power. It just turns it dark brown.

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