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  1. Hey, I have a quick question. I did search the topic. However, none of the threads were closely related enough with my situation.

    Would it be safe to use my Davinci vape in my room without any smell the next day or now? I have a ceiling fan on, will spray cologne after, and no one will be in my room for another 8 hours. Am I good?

  2. Yes you will be totally fine

  3. Thanks for the response. While you're here, any idea why this thread didn't show up under threads in my profile?

  4. Idk I can see it when I look at the threads you've created. It doesn't make sense that you can't see it
  5. Try not to turn the ceiling fan on, that'll just spread the vapor

    Blow it out the window, wash your hands, small piece of gum, and give it 15 mins

    Chances are it'll smell more when loading/unloading than vaping
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    Thanks for the reply. Sadly, opening a window isn't an option. Hands, gum, and all of that isn't what I'm worried about. It's the room. If anything, I would think the fan would help, but I could be wrong. I did it last night, and it seemed fine.

    Thanks for everyone's input.
  7. Use the vape and no need for cologone in 2 hrs itll be fine
  8. Yeah no fan. That will just push all the air in the room to another room.. Just vape with a sploof. And light a candle or incense after and you will be fine. I do it every day. hah
  9. I vape with the fan because i want diffuse it. I vape with people home downstairs all the time and no one notices.
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    The other day I was vaping alot of weed for a few hours (had it hooked up to a bong) and when my roommate came home he said it smelt "funky" in the hallway. Not like smoking but since he smokes/vapes he could recognize it as weed. We were both a little surprised because but in this situation smell is not a problem. I had the window closed and ceiling fan on. I also had my grinded weed in front of me which I could smell... so everything sort of adds up just keep it into consideration :)

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