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Vaping hold vs. smoking hold

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by 2e3t4y5u, Mar 13, 2012.

  1. #1 2e3t4y5u, Mar 13, 2012
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    hor 10 seconds.
  2. Actually that 7 is more like 3-5 seconds
  3. Well either way, same concept.
  4. I've read multiple things online about it, and apparently if you only hold a vapor hit for the typical amount of time which you would hold a smoking hit (which is about seven seconds), you're wasting upto 40 percent of the available THC. Some have said double the time, others have said you're suppose to ghost vapor hits but even though its mainly a vapor some combustion is usually always occurring regardless of how ideal the conditions are.

    Personally, I go with something in between those opinions, but I tend to breathe some vapor out and breathe air in a few times before I expel the vapor completely.
  5. Vapor takes a bit longer for your lungs to absorb. And since there's nothing bad in vapor, and everything good, anything exhaled is technically wasted. Your lungs work best with movement though, so it's really best to play with the vapor, and soon you only have to play with it for under 10 seconds even for large hits.

    Smoke on the other hand, the THC is absorbed first and fairly quickly, and holding it deep in your lungs for about 3 seconds is fine.
  6. I think im just gonna start playin with it like hold it in for the 10, then breath out and breath it back in. thanks for the info!
  7. I only use the bag on my extreme q, and this is how I do it. Inhale vapor 'till lungs are about 60% full, then inhale oxygen 'till lungs are about 80% full, then hold for 10 seconds, exhale 'till lungs are back down to maybe 50% full, slowly inhale oxygen for a few more seconds then completely exhale, and usually the hit is ghosted. I can ghost my bag in about 3 minutes and usually I can only do one bag by my self with out greening out. Just remember: vapor+oxygen helps lungs absorb much better.
  8. The more you hold your breath the more you kill your brain. No need to hold your breath period. THC gets absorbed by the lungs instantly.
    I usually just have a slow drag until lungs gets tickled by THC when I vape.
  9. can anyone explain why vapor would take longer to absorb???? its the same thc and cbd's getting absorbed so why would it take longer?

  10. when you're inhaling, you're only inhaling oxygen and thc. so when you exhale and see vapor,,,, then.. what is it? it cant be absorbed instantly
  11. I ghost every magic flight vape.

    If your vape is more low quality then you should not ghost it.

    A quality vape you should ghost it :smoke:
  12. I hold vapor hits double what I hold bong hits. just because my throat stings when I hold in the hit, and once that happens I know I'm good. :smoke:
  13. [quote name='"iCheetos"']The more you hold your breath the more you kill your brain. No need to hold your breath period. THC gets absorbed by the lungs instantly.
    I usually just have a slow drag until lungs gets tickled by THC when I vape.[/quote]

    I see you've lost plenty of your brain cells.

  14. Lols. Da fuckski? :wave:
  15. When vapeing it takes longer for the THC and all that good stuff to absorb into your lungs so I usually hold it for 10 seconds. SMokeing I don't hold it in to long. 3-5 seconds max. It absorbs quicker when smokeing so their is no need to keep the toxins in the smoke in your lungs any longer than necessary.
  16. Lol that is so untrue. Ever used a Da Buddha? Gets you stoned off your ass and after holding a hit for 10 seconds you can get fat vapor clouds. Check your facts buddy.
  17. lol dont MFLB use an unmeasured amount of heat so wouldnt you want to not ghost it in that situation.

    he means a cheap no temp reading vape might run hot and be burning shit where as a quality vape (not an MFLB) has a temp reading and has less chance of burning if temps are set right.

  18. Lol...
  19. [quote name='"Weed I am"']


    What? He's correct. Vapor consists of THC and friends and that alone. It's still THC and friends when you exhale as well...

    Vapor is a different consistency than smoke, it will NOT get absorbed instantly. Any vaporist can attest to that.

  20. THC and friends hahaha

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