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Vaping Fresh Uncured Bud From My Plant?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by grinder369, May 23, 2013.

  1. So I just cut and trimmed my Fruity Chronic Juice from Delicious. Accidentally cut a nug off a cola so fuck it. I'm gonna grind it up and vape it and see what happens. 
    Will it get me high?
    I will report back in a bit and let you know.  :metal:

  2. if some Thc/CBN had time to be formed well you'll get high yeah , vaporizer is actualy the best choice to try uncured bud  i think
  3. So that shit definitely worked.
    Needs at least a couple days to get where it should be though. lol. 
    Can't wait for that.   :smoking:
  4. I have done this before. You can but it is nowhere near as good as it will be once it is fully developed/ gone through flowering. You can use a quick dry method (like heat vent, oven, etc) or just let it dry out normally and enjoy it.  :bongin:
  5. Happy toking, I love vaping fresh nugs from my plants.
  6. I guess you know now, but yeah I've tried this.  It tastes a lot more green and the high doesn't last as long, but it works.
  7. Don't do it too often if you have a whip type vape! Fresh bud has a lot of water in it and your hose can become a breeding ground for fungi and bacteria! As long as you do a few regular loads to dry things out between "fresh" loads, you should be fine. 

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